Gore's Going Green

Thursday, April 19, 2007
I was a bit surprised to read this morning that Al Gore is only just now getting around to installing solar panels on the roof of his home. Mr. Climate Change himself? It’s true. But it doesn’t sound as though it’s necessarily a fault of his. The Tennessee city he lives in had originally blocked his application as they wanted to pass new rules/bylaws regarding them. Mainly that they must be in a location where his neighbours won’t see them. What the heck? Who cares if the neighbours can see them! You have to stare at your neighbours overgrown lawn, dilapidated old cars rusting in the yard, and that god-awful neon pink they decided to paint the trim on the garage, not to mention a clothes line full of ripped, holey, stained white y-fronts but you’re going to be in some serious trouble if they can see your solar panels. Idiots. Many solar panels on houses look almost identical to skylights. Sheesh.
And Ontario has taken what could be considered quite a big step in the battle against climate change and global warming. The Ontario government has just announced a ban on the sale of traditional incandescent lightbulbs which will take effect by 2012. They claim that this could result in the province saving enough power to power over half a million households. Australia announced earlier this year that they will be banning the bulbs by 2010 nationwide. And it’s not just the Aussies and Ontario. Seems that politicians in California (home of the very green Governator), New Jersey and Britain are also talking about similar bans. Considering that compact fluourescent bulbs consume up to 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and can last up to 10 times longer, it’s a very good start. The price is a bit of a put-off for some consumers although this has been dropping recently as more people make the switch and there are some issues regarding disposal but the benefits seem to be far greater .


Candy Minx said...

Wow that's pretty radical change by banning the traditional lightbulb. Thanks for highlighting this Karen!

merjoem32 said...

I think that the authenticity of Gore on Global Warming is not important. The genuineness of global warming is not proven but we cannot deny that the climate change in some parts of the world is devastating farmers in developing countries. Finding solutions to this problem is much more important than proving or disproving global warming.

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