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Saturday, April 07, 2007
No, I will not say Happy Easter. As I don't believe what they say happened actually did happen, I feel it's not appropriate. Besides, it's simply another example of a pagan holiday appropriated by Christians to suit their needs. Just like Christmas. And in case you didn't know, chocolate bunnies and painted eggs have nothing to do with Jesus. However, I do get a four day long weekend because of the Christian celebration so I can't complain. That doesn't mean though that I have to play your easter bunny games.

As it's a long weekend for everyone (except my mother who works weekends), the family is getting together for a big meal tomorrow evening (but NOT an Easter feast). There will be plenty of fabulous food including my contribution of scalloped potatoes and bruschetta (made with feta cheese...mmmm). I'll see what I can do about pictures for you. I narrowly avoided sawing off my left index finger with a serrated knife while chopping the tomatoes. It's quite a disgusting feeling as you saw through your own flesh... That'll teach me to watch curling while cutting something. There will also be ham and lamb, both meats that I'm not fond of (if I was currently eating meat) and I'll be passing on both. However, there will be brussels sprouts, salad, corn, and probably peas or beans. Mmmm. Vegetables.

Speaking of vegetables, I've taken a look at all the books my wonderful readers have suggested and ordered three cookbooks. However, the only recommendation I've taken (for the time being) is Kelly's suggestion of "Perfect Vegetables". I've heard great things about the Moosewood cookbooks as well but from what I understand there aren't any pictures of the dishes and I'm big on that so I'm going to have to actually go to a bookstore and thumb through one before deciding which to get. Guaranteed though, one will certainly end up in my collection. The Rebar cookbook, suggested by Miss Ewe (fellow knitter) also looks promising but something to aspire to. Perhaps this summer. I've gone with two other cookbooks that I found on my own while searching through Amazon: Quick Fix Vegetarian and Rachael Ray's Veggie Meals. I don't really like Rachael Ray but her veggie book looked pretty good. I managed to catch a couple of her cooking shows this weekend and I've concluded that she must be drunk when filming. Even I'm not that perky and enthusiastic and I'm reknowned for my perkiness! Everything she made had beer in it (supposedly...I only saw her pour beer into one item, I'm guessing she drank the rest). I'll let y'all know what they're like next week (they should arrive midweek).

Alun recently blogged about school boards in the UK who are considering eliminating A-Levels in Ancient History and replace them with a Classical Civilization A-level. He makes a good point about why they shouldn't and also links to an online petition asking for Tony Blair to step in and stop them. Stop by his site, Archaeoastronomy, and check it out or you can view the petition HERE.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I think you may be onto something. I'll always wondered what the hell was wrong with that Rachael Ray. Drunkenness seems like a reasonable assumption.

Good bunny pic!

kelly said...

oh oh..i feel pressured now, i hope you like it

Random Reflections said...

Wow that's a bit harsh about Easter! I don't think it has its origins in Eostre - and if you read the link in Wikipedia I don't think it says that either. All it says about Easter is that the word "Easter" may have come from the same source (because of the time of year at which Easter falls).

Surely Easter has its origins in the Jewish Passover, not in a pagan festival. Easter is actually the Christian celebration that is least linked to a pagan festival.

Trump said...

Eggs......... mmmmmmmmmm.
where's my link? It's blank there in the T section. :-(

Gardenia said...

Oh I don't know where Easter comes from - most of the Christian holidays it seems were assimilated into pagan holidays to make conversion more palatable for converts I think....however, that even became sort of lost as people focus on the buying, etc. Yet, I still cling to my mostly traditional Christian beliefs with a sureness that mystifies some of my friends, but that's me. I manage to use or recreate the other symbolisms to illustrate our beliefs to the younger ones. They too will make up their minds when they get older.

Your meals sounded absolutely wonderful - I'm envious - I'd give my eye teeth for a good taste of lamb....hope you didn't get to the bone on that finger - those serrated knives hurt like everything too! At least the tomatoes are red like blood - no one will know the difference!

Speaking of beer, I'm going to crack open a bottle of wine for a sip and go to bed. 'Night now.

Wandering Coyote said...

I have to agree with you Karen. Easter was originally a pagan celebration called Ostara, and the bunnies and chicks and eggs etc. all come from that.

Not a fan of Rebar. I've eaten there a couple of times and was never overly impressed. I'm familiar with the cookbook and would give it a pass if I were you. I've had Moosewood cookbooks before. You're right - they don't have pictures, but the recipes are usually very good.

Sheamus the... said...


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