It Feels Like Christmas

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Complete with snow... Yes, it snowed all day yesterday in Edmonton, AGAIN. It's supposed to warm up this week (where have we heard this before???) so hopefully the snow will melt soon. They're currently reporting that it will get up to 9C today. That remains to be seen. But it's not just the snow that makes it feel like Christmas, I've gotten a number of surprises in the mail recently! Ok, not all were surprises but when you don't know when they're coming and then suddenly they show up in your mailbox, it's a surprise! Barbara, our resident zombie, sent me a new CD full of great tunes - perfect for my walks home from work, and I received two shipments from BookMooch(ers) with three books I wanted. Plus, I'm anticipating the arrival of my cookbooks sometime this week! Woo hoo. I'm sure the post office just loves me!

NHL Playoffs begin today. I'll have to check the matchups and give you my picks as Beth did on her blog recently. That will come later today. Still with hockey, the Canadian Women's team beat the United States to win the Women's World Championship (again). It really is a shame that the only real competition we have in women's hockey is with the Americans. I'm not complaining that we win A LOT but it would be nice to see more support for women's hockey in Europe so that the tournaments (including the Olympics) are a bit more exciting.

Another Dinner and A Movie planned for next week. Not sure what's for dinner yet, but we'll be watching The Pirate Movie.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

We do need more women's hockey at a higher level around the world. That said, YAY Canada!

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