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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Quis talia fando temperet a lacrymis?

Sleep well, valorous knight.

Nine and a half months to finish Don Quixote. Whew. Surprisingly, I'm not excited to be finished (well just a little bit). Instead, I'm a bit sad. No more adventures or Sancho's misused proverbs. No more flowery language or insane rantings. I shall miss Don Quixote of La Mancha and his faithful squire.

While my favourite book is still The Count of Monte Cristo (the one good thing to come out of a previous relationship), Cervantes' DQ will rank right up there and tie with Crime and Punishment for the number two spot. If Crime had had a better ending it would have pushed DQ to a solid third. If you haven't read DQ, I highly recommend it although I can almost guarantee, based on what others who have read have said, that it will be one of those books you'll pick up and put down many times before finishing. Sorry folks, this will be staying in my permanent collection and not be shared. However, I would highly recommend Edith Grossman's recent translation - plenty of footnotes and explanations to help you along.


kelly said...

i don't suppose there's a readers digest version?..or would that be blasphemy?

maybe those bunnies did one?

Karen said...

The Bunnies attacking Windmills? Oh goodness! How fabulous that would be!

There is certainly more than one movie version out there...check it out!

* (asterisk) said...

Wow, well done, Karen. I am still keen to continue, though I fear I've failed you badly on the readalong-together fest. Sorry. Maybe I'll be done by Christmas?

Gardenia said...

Oh how I wish I could just concentrate on doing DQ. I was well in to "The Idiot" and it disappeared. My house is wierd that way - I lay something down and don't hide it and it may disappear forever. How can a book as thick as idiot dissapear? Thought I could read in the hospital -but it was like trying to nap in a zoo.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You know, I don't think I have ever read Don Quixote in its entirety. I'll have to remedy that.

Oddly, both Crime and Punishment and Count of Monte Cristo were books we read in school.

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