MLA Tossed from Legislature for Questioning Government

Thursday, April 05, 2007
Bharat Agnihotri, a Liberal MLA, was ejected from the legislature this week after “asking about more than $2 million in grants awarded to various groups over a three-year period.” The Speaker of the House, Ken Kowalski, asked Agnihotri three times to withdraw his question but he refused. He was told to leave.

This is the question the Edmonton-Ellerslie posed: "Can this minister assure this house that groups receiving this special treatment are not secret friends of top Tories?"

Health Minister Dave Hancock was ticked off because he claimed Agnihotri was calling into question his (and other Conservative MLA’s) ethics and integrity.

Um…so what? Isn’t it the job of the opposition to question the actions and motives of the government? Frankly methinks Hancock doth protest too much. And honestly, I’m not surprised that Kowalski threw Agnihotri out of the Legislature – before becoming Speaker of the House, Kowalski has served as the MLA for Barrhead (later Barrhead-Westlock) since 1979. Oh yes, he’s a Conservative. Hmmm, I wonder what side his bread is buttered on?

Agnihotri has since been allowed to resume his seat in the Legislature after apologizing and admitting that his wording was inappropriate. Frankly I’m outraged and think he should have stuck to his guns. Sure, the question could have been worded a bit better but the PC Government managed to avoid the question altogether by booting him out. How democratic is that?

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