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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Seems that mammograms might do more harm than good. At least for women in their 40s. The American College of Physicians is breaking away from the American Cancer Society by saying that women in their 40s should reconsider automatically getting mammograms once they hit the big four-O. The American Cancer Society is countering by saying that "The danger here is that some women will elect not to get screened," said Robert Smith, director of cancer screening at the American Cancer Society. "Mammography is the single most effective way of finding breast cancer early, and when we find breast cancer early, women have the greatest chance of successful treatment." I would rather have one and take the slight risk involved than possibly miss something in the early stages.

Great comments about the doc's visit yesterday - I KNEW I wasn't crazy (or at least that forgetful). Sorry to disappoint Kelly. Normally the nurses and office staff in my doc's office are great and I can get in ... prepare yourselves ... early! However, how can you forget a patient twice in the past few months???? Good thing I wasn't dying.


kelly said...

Whaaatt?..i'm innocent

Sniffy said...

Mammograms really hurt. You should put them off as long as possible in my opinion. Make sure you self check once a month though.

Candy Minx said...

I am sorry to hear about your frustrating visit to the docotrs. I a sad state when the doctors visit gives one stress!

I once had a sore boob and bump. Went to the doctor, they said, I'm sending you to the surgeon right away. I walked to the other Victoria, I remember walking on this boulevard and crying in public...I was just scared and very young...I get to the surgeon and thye stick a long long needle into my boob's bump...

Out comes MILK!

I was breast feeding my daughter at the time, and had fallen on a chair...and well no harm.

but I swore to take doctors with a grain of salt...and to not fall apart at scary prognosis ever again.

the stress was far worse than the exam. And I don't wish a long needle going itnt anyones boob YIKES!

Have you ever tried meditation Karen? I find I have taken several meditiation courses and they really help with things liek waiting at hospitals or doctors offices and in emergency situations.

Plus, stress is deeply associated with the immune system giving up.

It is thought that cancer feeds on stress...and then also on insulin. It's a new idea from about 10 years ago...but worth avoiding sugar and carbs if possible to keep blood pressure down and stress and insulin at bay.

But I don't know, I am sorry to hear you get stressed out.

Take care

Wandering Coyote said...

I heard on the news recently that MRIs were more effective in finding lumps than mammograms, but that mammograms were still recommended because they caught lumps earlier. I don't know. There's always so much info out there and I never know who to believe.

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