(No) More Cheese, Please!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
In Arizona, a TB patient is locked in a special jail cell, designed to prevent germs from escaping. Locked up indefinitely, Robert Daniels has NOT been charged with a crime but could spend years behind bars. Daniels has a drug resistant form of tuberculosis, which is considered virtually untreatable. Considered a danger to the public, he was locked up as he did not follow doctor’s orders to wear a mask and he has the potential to infect others.

Yikes! This is quite the dilemma. I understand the whole point of keeping him away from other people in order to protect the public at large. However, confining him to a jail cell where he is unable to shower and removing his television, phone and radio are extreme. Technically he has not committed a crime and therefore not a criminal. Yes, the safety of the community at large outweighs his right to walk the streets coughing on anyone he comes into contact with but I think authorities and health officials in Arizona have gone a bit too far. Why shouldn’t he be allowed access to a telephone? Or a television? Criminals get these privileges. Even those who have murdered people.

I had a nasty experience this morning. Every once in a while, I’ll get a muffin and a piece of cheese from the cafeteria here at work. The new cook makes fantastic muffins. And the cheese comes in those individually wrapped, single serving pieces put out by Kraft/Cracker Barrel. Mmmm, cheese. Today’s muffin was oatmeal and chocolate chip … and it was still warm. Perfection. I then opened my cheese. I was about to slide that delicious hunk of calcium filled marble goodness out of its packaging and into my mouth when I took a good look at it. There was a long black hair half in/half sticking out of the piece of cheese. Ewwwwwwwwww. It would have been bad enough if it was just sitting in between the wrapper and the top of the cheese. This one was actually IN the cheese itself. I did NOT eat it. I did, however, send off a very polite email to the folks-that-be at Kraft, just to let them know about my fromage experience this morning.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever found in your food?


kelly said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

A fingertip in my chili. Oh wait, that wasn't me.

I found a piece of glass in a bag of chips once when I was a kid. And the cashier at the snackbar scoffed at me when I complained, so I slunk away with my tail between my legs.

Tanya said...

Not me, but my ex sister in law found a dead frog in her pre pakced bag of lettuce.

Loz said...

The worst thing I have ever found in my food?

Easy: Calories.

Word verification word was "neugsis", which is the most "should be a real word" sounding non-word I've ever seen. I actually am very surprised that it is not a real word.

I bagsy it - it is now my word to define. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

A fried fly in my McD's french fries.

A choped up big chunk of white plastic in my A&W chicken chunk.

...teaches me to eat fast food!


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