The Pirate Movie

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
Is there a better way to spend the evening? Musical pirates, adventure on the high seas, stolen treasure, damsels in distress, true love, Keystone Cops, lightsabres, guest appearances by Indiana Jones and Inspector Clouseau - and all set to one of the best Gilbert and Sullivan musicals ever. Ok, perhaps there are one or two more enjoyable ways to spend an evening... Released in 1982, The Pirate Movie stars Kristy McNicol and Christopher "Blue Lagoon" Atkins. If you haven't seen this little gem, be warned - it's beyond bad. It's so bad, it's actually quite good. A bit heavy on the musical side, the story is an old standard but with some great comedic twists. Nichol is over the top in her role of Mabel but somehow it fits. I think they could have done a bit better casting the male lead though. Christopher Atkins? Puh-lease. Name one good movie he's done or one good role. And don't try to pass off Blue Lagoon - he was terrible in that as well. Brooke Shields was very believable, but he was terrible. Even in this campy send up, he bombs. One of the best parts of the movie is the pirate captain. Hilarious. And a difficult to miss jewel encrusted cod-piece. My mother couldn't pry her eyes off of it. If you're a fan of the 80's, this is one you really shouldn't miss.

Dinner, on the other hand, was something we could have passed on. It sounded delicious: broccoli risotto with roasted beets in a balsamic dill vinegrette. Mmmm. Well, some of the beets were cooked and some (I realized too late) were not quite. Plus the risotto didn't turn out very well - it's been a while since I've made it and parmesan wasn't really the right choice for broccoli. However, chedder didn't seem right for risotto. I couldn't win. Next time, it's back to the standard red pepper which goes beautifully with parmesan. No dinner/movie theme or tie in this time around. Just dinner...and a movie.


Karwil said...

Hello Dalmatica. Funny we should meet again. I just watched this film for the first time in years (I practically watched it ten times a day when I was little) and I was just doing a google search to see if I could find a clip. I was thinking the name of this blog seemed familiar and then I remembered who you were - stealer of my info.

Anyway, I actually love the film. Ok, it's a little lame now that I'm older but I actually understand some of the references to pop culture now - which I didn't recognise when I was 5.

It'll always be one of my faves. Samuel was my fave pirate until Jack Sparrow came along.

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