Friday, April 27, 2007
Just kidding. Everything is actually quite good. I was off yesterday afternoon for my latest trip to the specialist for my blood pressure. This man is a genius at getting people to relax. Again, he said hello and used his first name (no "Dr. So and So"). We chatted for a few minutes after he put the cuff on about trips to Costco, his dogs, and life in general. When I tried to bring up my BP he cut me off and changed the subject once again. Normally, I'd be pissed he cut me off in midsentence but it worked quite effectively. Turning on the machine, he left the room and said he'd be back once he heard the beep beep beep. After a few minutes the machine was finished it's on/off strangulation technique on my upper arm. Despite anxiety about being in a doctor's office, a stressful week at work, and a very filling, very salty lunch*, my BP was...perfectly normal. Seems the medication was working after all. The specialist recommended I NOT use the monitors in the pharmacies as they're not always accurate and shopping (even for groceries or hygiene products) often raises BP. Instead, I've been told to get a home BP monitor (not a suggestion...more like an order) and just keep track at home. Thankfully I can claim it on my tax return next year. medication changes, no dizziness or nausea. Whew!

*Lunch - Seems it was Grunt Office Worker Day or something like that. The group I work with surprised me yesterday morning by telling me they were taking me out for lunch. Mmmm. We ended up at Julio's Barrio. Nothing like spicy, salty Mexican food 2 hours before I head off for a check up. But it was delicious and greatly appreciated! Thanks ladies.

Due to the hectic pace of this week, I've missed a number of interesting celebrity related items. Apparently baked beans are good for more than just making a tasty sandwich. Just ask Hugh Grant. Also Richard Gere is, once again, a wanted man. Unfortunately for him, it's probably not going to be good for his career. The Alec Baldwin/Kim Basinger fiasco has taken a disgusting turn and this time at the expense of their daughter. Shame, shame. Unlike Gere or Grant, this might in fact work out well for Baldwin. Despite his declaration that he wants to quit acting and focus on his family, it's rumoured that he's been approached to replace Rosie O'Donnell as one of the hosts of The View. Somehow I don't think a cat fight between him and The Donald will be quite as exciting. Perhaps he should just quit acting like an asshole.

I've also been "interviewed" by fellow Albertan, Barbara the Bad Tempered Zombie and will have to post my answers to her hard-driving questions. AND! I've received a fabulous parcel from Red and *Asterisk (but nothing from Cat...) which I have to post pictures of... ah being a Captain is just rush, rush, rush...


Candy Minx said...

I was laughing about the beans and Hugh Grant oh my...he always has somethign funny going on I guess because he might be one of the funniest humans on the planet. Today on The View. Alec Baldwin is goingto talk about parents cut off from their kids, custody issues anger management...should be interesting. it's a very sad story. Richard Gerewas on jon Stewart last night nd it wa spretty funny, an obvious amount fo mutual respect betweent hose two guys. Gere explained about the small right wing group in India and how they ahve gone crazy with this story of him and his fellow actor having a kiss at a speech for truck drivers in India. And we thought Fox American news was crazy...sure sounds like the fascists in India are crazy too.

I am glad to hear your BP is staying calm and surely your running must help with your streews and blood pressure no? Best of luck with that and your lunch sounded really good!

Wandering Coyote said...

Oooh, a new toy! That's always fun. Good news about the meds, too. It's nice to not have a doc who is purely a pill-pusher, eh?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your doctor sounds sublime. And how great that the meds are actually working.

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