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Sunday, April 29, 2007
Still slow on the blogging front this weekend. I've been running around since Friday morning, doing errands, some necessary shopping (and some not so necessary), catching up with friends, and getting stuff done. Those little things certainly do add up, don't they?

On Friday I had lunch with one of the lawyers I used to work with and she graciously signed my passport application and photo for me. She also let me know about a great job that is open at her company and would mean working once again with her, another lawyer and...my boss who just left my current workplace to go back to our former workplace. Don't worry if you don't quite get that - the business we're in is quite specialized and there's a lot of movement between two related but seperate workplaces that deal with different aspects of the same business. Sorry if that's still a bit cryptic but given the nature of the business and my current employer, I can't really say anymore lest someone stumbles across this. Needless to say, it would be a BIG step up in the corporate world and I would be MUCH busier than I am right now (although that has increased at the current office). However, I would not be getting into the "meat and potatoes" of our type of work but that's ok. Another bonus is the people I'd be working for/with. Good thing we managed to get together as Friday was the last day they were accepting applications and I would have missed it altogether. I think, given my history there and my current position, will definately help. Plus the women in charge of hiring for the position knows me from before (hopefully that's a good thing!). If anything happens, I'll be sure to let you know.

Shopping - this is a necessary evil and unfortunately once I get going, I just want to spend, spend, spend. I was a bit of a naughty girl this weekend. I spent, spent, spent. Damn. I'll never take a vacation at this rate. A couple of casual shirts, a belt, an umbrella, and of course, more underwear. After a couple of seperate outings, I ended up with two thongs and two more pairs of boyshorts. In all fairness, if the manufacturers would only make panties in one colour and style, I wouldn't have bought so much. I now have enough pairs of underpants to last probably three weeks ... and that's AFTER throwing out a couple of old pairs. Moving on. There was groceries, a treat for the cats (note to cat owners: if your kitties get too much of the cat crack, they'll throw up on your carpet...use with caution), and a new pair of shoes. I should update y'all on the shoe situation. Remember that pair of cute Joseph Seibel Mary Jane Flats I bought on sale a little while ago? Well, for some reason, by the time I got them home, they had grown a size. Or my feet had shrunk. Either way they don't fit. And because they were on sale, I can't return them. And they don't have the next size down. Which means, I have a pair of size 9 1/2 or 10 (UK 41) black mary janes to give away if anyone out there wants them. Send me an email or leave me a comment if you would like some cute shoes. So....I bought a new pair of shoes (picture later). I figured there was no point in getting distracted by the word "SALE" and should just concentrate on quality footwear and comfort. I ended up with a pair of Mephisto slides (even cuter than the MJ's). They were (thankfully) on sale but they are still the most expensive pair of shoes I own.... Egads.

On top of all that, there's trying to finish the two books I have on the go, trying to find time to hit the gym with my sister in law, and, if I have a few moments to breathe, laundry, dishes, and the odd bit of vacuuming. It's not going well.

I hope you're all doing superduperpeachykeen. Ooops! I just realized I forgot to take my medication this morning. Crap. Perhaps that's why I didn't feel so great this afternoon? Problem solved...just chugged them down with a big swig of H2O. Where was I? Losing my mind? Nope, long gone... Oh yes, hopefully you're all doing superduperpeachykeen and I'm sorry if it seems I've been neglecting any of you. It's certainly not personal! I'll catch up this week if I can...


Jocelyn said...

Karen, dear, dear, dear blogging pal: it is fate that has brought me to your post this evening. I wear a 9/12 or a 10. Seriously. And, honest to Jimmy Choo, I spent yesterday trying to find a damn pair of black flats...something cute, that I could wear with pants or a skirt...because that is the one hole in my illustrious shoe wardrobe.

Were you serious? Because, honey, I am. My need, she is deep.

Anyhow, shoes aside, I hope things work out with that job stuff. I'd always like to know more, but the need for discretion makes sense!

kelly said...


sure...yep...always good out here

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