Stanley Cup Playoff Predictions - ROUND 1

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Here we go with my NHL Round One Playoff predictions… Be warned folks, as long as there’s one Canadian team still in the playoffs, there’s going to be quite a lot of hockey talk aboard the Swiftsure.

Gotta go with the Flames, obviously (sorry GWB). Not only are they a Canadian team, they’re the OTHER Alberta team. How can I not cheer for them? And frankly the whole Calgary/Edmonton rivalry gets thrown out the window when one of us is eliminated from the playoffs. I’m guessing this series will probably go at least 6 maybe even 7 games. Unfortunately Calgary will be knocked out in round 2.

I can’t cheer for Anaheim given the whole Pronger situation earlier this season. Therefore, I will go with Minnesota. Not only is it the previous home of Oilers goalie Dwayne Roloson, but they actually get snow. It just seems wrong that we have a number of teams in locations that don’t get snow…ever. Minnesota in 6.

Again, Vancouver is a Canadian team and I’ll always pick my home boys over them Yankees any day. Plus, Dallas is the nemesis of Edmonton. At times more so than Calgary. It always seems that we end up losing to Dallas in the playoffs. No chance of that this year but that doesn’t keep me from despising them. Vancouver in 4.

Hmmm, what to do with these two teams? Frankly, I could care less which team wins. Which ever way it goes, the winning team clinches this series in 5.

Buffalo? No thank you. So I guess I have to go with the Islanders. The Moose played with them for a while which is a bit of a plus for them (although he had left Edmonton to go there…). And the NYI did squeak past the Leafs and Montreal to get the last playoff spot in the East. Guess that counts for something. I’m picking them to beat the Sabres in 7.

New Jersey. The Devils – isn’t it obvious? Plus they’ve played great all season despite having a drunken zamboni driver prepare the worst ice in the league for them. Any team that can play that well on such a supposedly crappy surface deserves to make it past the first round. Four games, easily.

Again, don’t care. It goes 5 games. And will be the least exciting of all the series’ in this round.

Ottawa? How on earth has Ottawa of all teams managed to make it to the playoffs and ahead of all the other Canadian teams except Vancouver? The world must be ending! Ottawa is going to win this series and it will turn out to be the best of the entire playoffs. That’s right, the entire playoffs. Don’t ask me why, it’s just a feeling I’ve got. It’ll also go 7 games with at least one game (probably 6) ending in a shootout. Thanks to Beth for reminding me that there are NO shootouts in the playoffs. I think it would be fantastic to see an all Canadian final. The chances of it happening are pretty slim and it would involve Ottawa. However, a Canadian girl’s gotta dream right? If it did happen though, it’ll be Vancouver vs. Ottawa not Calgary. As mentioned above, unfortunately I think Calgary will make it through the first round but’ll get bounced in the second.


miss ewe said...

I don't know, Karen... Ottawa has a tendency to choke in the playoffs. And although you don't like Buffalo (me neither), they've been hot this year. Vancouver is gold, I'm in for them too. I'm not sure Calgary's going to make it by Detroit, though. They've been a little patchy, but I'll cross my fingers for 'em (I don't like Detroit).

Oh yeah, and Go leafs Go. (there's always next year...)

Beth said...

They don't have shootouts in the playoffs. Regulation tie games go to 20-minute sudden death OT. And I hope we get to see some games go into multiple overtimes.

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