25 Years of the Best Science Fiction on Film

Friday, May 04, 2007
Entertainment Weekly has released their list of the greatest science fiction moments from the past 25 years. There are some on the list that everyone would expect to see...Aliens, The Thing, Terminator, and yes...even Doctor Who (whatever). However, there are some wonderful surprises as well (#24 and #25 are two of my faves that I didn't expect to see). I have to admit that I don't agree with their top pick but that's likely due to the fact that I didn't enjoy the movie(s) and thought all the hype about it was over done. There are quite a few of EW's picks that I haven't seen, including the much loved Blade Runner (it's on my rental list OK? Give me a break!). There were also some surprise omissions like the original Star Wars and Flash Gordon. However, technically they were released more than 25 years ago...nuts.Check out the list to see if any of your favourites made it.


Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, I wondered where Star Wars was, too. What gives? I've seen quite a few of these pics, my faves being Firefly/Serenity (you have to see this, and the main character is played by a guy from Edmonton), Children of Men (which I know you didn't like), Heroes (which is very good, but I haven't seen every episode), Lost (fantastic), Aliens, and X-Files (though the last two seasons were crappy).

* (asterisk) said...

I've not looked at the list yet, but um you haven't seen Blade Runner?! What are you waiting for, woman? Presumably the new multidisc, multiversion ultimate edition that is due out sometime soo-- well sometime, anyway. Hopefully before I die. One of the best films ever, in my never-humble opinion.

Sniffy said...

V was truly brilliant. I loved every second of it. It was just annoying that it was televised at the same time of some of the best events of the 1984 Olympics (time difference over here you see). I'm sure it'd be a touch dated now, but it was a fine, fine show at the time.

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