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Thursday, May 10, 2007
It seems that two of the books I wanted to read this summer are not available through the NEOS Library system that I use so I've had to make two substitutions. Gone are Into Africa and Wolfe (too bad), and in their places are Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill and Victorian Internet by Tom Sandage. Part of my goal this summer was to not buy any of the books I wanted to read. Now, I've already purchased a copy of War and Peace but that was a couple of months ago. This summer is going to be a "cheap" one I think. Hopefully no unnecessary spending, lots of time outside, and plenty of reading, knitting and playing with the niece and nephew.

Having said that, the Captain has two more parcels to work on and put together before the fall so there will be a little bit of spending there but I've already factored that in. No hints or clues as to where they're going or what's in them. Also, the next Buy A Friend A Book week is coming up at the beginning of July. Not sure if I'll be taking part this time as I went a bit beserk with the last one but we'll see. Speaking of parcels, Red and *Asterisk have received their treasure chest of goodies from Captain Karen (way to go Canada Post!) and Barbara has a CD of the Capt's favourite sailing tunes to sing along to as she travels Calgary's Deerfoot trail. And I'm taking her "nut job" reference as a compliment... My dear friend J also received a copy of the CD (I will take over the world one listener at a time) and laughed hysterically. I decided to not include the sexy speedo shot of Mr. Jones in hers as she has a baby at home and wouldn't want to scare him.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm so glad you are considering nut-job to be a compliment. Around here that is as highly complimentary as we get.

Do you have shares in Canada Post by any chance?

Red said...

Sorry to hear you went berserk with the Buy a Friend a Book... but you should take comfort in the fact that you spread a lot of joy around, and made a lot of people smile!

Oh, so we were the only ones privileged enough to receive that quasi-pornographic image of Tom Jones' crotch, were we?!? It's a dubious honour...

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