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Monday, May 14, 2007
I love my mom. Sure we have our issues and spending longer than four hours with her often gets on my nerves like fingernails on a cheesegrater but I love her nonetheless. All these Hallmark holidays are starting to get annoying. There's mother's day, father's day, Valentine's day, Administrative Assistant's day... the list goes on and on. There's even a grandparent's day. What about single gal with two cats day? Or favourite auntie day? Now there's a holiday I'd get behind. Every month now has a day for which we're expected to buy a card (and often a present), and each month seems to have been commandeered by a particular organization to help support their causes. Frankly it gets a bit draining after a while.

I don't need a special day to tell her how much I love her or that I think it's pretty darn great that she's my mom. We talk on the phone ever week, I give her hug pretty much every time I see her, and we now have "Dinner and A Movie" night (last week we watched Galaxy Quest and ate lasagna). I'd much rather spend time like that with her than buy her flowers on the second Sunday in May because I'm supposed to. Honestly, I feel it means more when its unexpected and when you do something nice for someone "just because" than to do it because everyone around you is doing it at the same time and if you don't do something similar you'll look like a mother hater. Its the same with Valentine's day - why do you need a special day to tell that particular someone that you love them? Show them all year round or when they're not expecting it. Much more meaningful.

Having said all that, I did decide to splash out on my mother this year although my reasons are somewhat selfish. Tomorrow (Tuesday), I'm taking my dear mama to a spa (she's never been) and treating her to a morning of pampering (oh how I'm looking forward to this!). She's offered to buy breakfast (woohoo!) but I'll be picking up the pedicures and massages and then showing off our glamourous looking toes and relaxed muscles at a slightly-fancier-than-McDonalds restaurant for lunch. Typically she might get a card from me on this day and a home cooked meal so I figured a couple hundred bucks to make her feel beautiful is money well spent. Plus, I've been dying to for my spring pedicure so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Yesterday, we all gathered at my brother's for a burnt meat celebration of our mothers. There was meat on a stick (pork souvlaki - not to be confused with our name for Heritage days - "Meat on a Stick Day"), grilled burgers, salad, my famous bruschetta with feta, my also famous grilled veggie skewers, plenty of fabulous fresh breads and more veggies. Three family moms (my mother, my sister in law, and the kids' "YAI" - Thai for mother's mother) were treated to a delicious meal and they didn't have to lift a finger. And my sister in law came through for my brother and picked up a couple of new houseplants as a present for our mom. Boys...sheesh.

I hope that all my fellow North American bloggers treated their mothers extra special yesterday (if, like me, you caved to the pressure of the card manufacturers) and if you're a mother yourself that you had a great day. Just remember though that you don't have to wait until "Mother's Day" to treat them nice. They did give birth to you after all (even though we didn't necessarily ask them to).


Lee said...

I printed a nice pic from my garden on cardstock and sent it over. Not only did she think it was pretty, she could take credit for teaching me the ninja ways of nature! It was win-win!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope you and your mom have a great day tomorrow. We shall be expecting pictures of beautiful toes.

Wandering Coyote said...

I gave my mom a call (she's left England as is living in Kingston now) because I wasn't on the ball with getting a card off. We had a good chat that was better than any card.

Red said...

It was Mother's Day in Italy too, so I gave my mum a call. I knew she'd be having lunch at her friend's, so I called her there. I ended up talking to her friend, her friend's daughter, her friend's son-in-law, her friend's grandson... and then my mum. By the time she came on the phone she was saying, "Better make this quick, or you'll spend a fortune" and then the food was on the table, so she had to rush.


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