Edmonton's A Nice Place to Visit...Really...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
It might seem that based on all this talk of murder, unidentified human remains and BBQ thefts, Edmonton is a not so nice place to live or visit. Sure we have crime but all cities do. However, it IS on the rise due to a number of factors. However, if anyone's considering visiting and has been put off by my crime reporting, please don't. Edmonton has lots to offer visitors (besides that stupid giant mall) and you shouldn't be swayed by my comments. It should also be noted that it seems only locals get jacked, jumped, and jabbed around here. Tourists should be pretty safe. Just don't wear a Ducks jersey and you should be fine.

I should also mention that the police have charged a local man with the murder of two prostitutes. The trial, I believe has not yet started, but there have been no reports (that I've come across) of any more missing/murdered prostitutes since his arrest. However, the others have taken place over the last twenty some odd years ... I'm hoping (as I'm sure are most people including EPS and Project KARE) that they've managed to catch the person responsible.


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