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Friday, May 18, 2007
Ok, yet another update on the gym situation for anyone who still cares. I spoke with both V and R today and I told them I had decided that I would continue to work out but at another of their locations. They called the other location and made the arrangements with the fitness manager there who called me shortly afterwards. I am now going to redo the first two sessions (and complete the final third session) with a new trainer at the other location beginning on Tuesday after work. Whew! A friend who works out there had recommended her trainer but apparently he only takes on clients by referrals so the manager would have had to check with him to see if he'd take me. Rather than waiting to see if he possibly might be able to take me on (he's in quite high demand so chances are no), I opted to go with another trainer. I'm going with M, a female trainer and will let you all know what happens after my first appointment. I sang the praises of V when I spoke to R at the old location and thanked him as well for what he everything he tried to do and the efforts they both made. I'm considering sending a letter to their head office to let them know what happened as well as sending my compliments for the majority of the staff at the club. Whew. A relief that it seems this whole thing is finished. The new location is a few bucks more a month (not sure why) but at this point I don't care.

On to happier things... it's BUNNIES time again. The movie they've recreated this month? March of the Penguins (Bunnies). As per the last few movies they've redone, it's not their best work (see Alien and Jaws and Raiders). However, stay tuned because next month they're going to be giving us... DIE HARD. Oh god. I'm excited about that one! Don't forget to stay tuned as other upcoming films include Saw and Napoleon Dynamite.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope you like the new trainer and that shr is more reliable. Good plan to commend those who deserve it.

kelly the semi-wise said...

glad its working out....just a piece of advice..i now, probably unwanted but....

to keep yourself motivated to keep wokring...make regualr tune up appointments with a trainer, or fnd a buddy that will go with you, tougher to break appointments and/or work out dates with friends

Wandering Coyote said...

Glad to hear the gym thing was resolved to your satisfaction, and I hope you have a better experience at the new place.

I love that bunny site. They're the best!

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