Hot Fuzz - The Review

Monday, May 07, 2007
Well, the "arse-ness" continued last night (thanks to Tanya for that one...what a great expression). As I waited for the bus, I dropped my cell phone and the back snapped off and the battery flew across the sidewalk. After I recovered from the shock of what I had just done, I was able to put it back together...sort of. My phone still works but I can't get the back to close properly. Arse. Then I was twenty minutes late getting to the movie theatre thanks to the inconsistencies in Edmonton Transit's service schedule. Me. The girl who's ALWAYS 15 minutes early or more. Late. Unforgivable. However, thank goodness it was the end of the day...

On to the movie. Hot Fuzz. Hmmm. Yes it was funny. Did my sides hurt from laughing so hard for two hours straight as it did after Shaun of the Dead? Or the two seasons of Spaced? No. The movie starts off well but gradually goes downhill for the majority of it's length. I have to admit I was starting to get a bit bored (with the occasional laugh thrown in) until the last half hour or so when Sgt Angel comes back to Sanford. Then the real fun begins. Non stop action and belly aching laughs for the last 30 minutes. It was a fun homage to the buddy cop movies - Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon, and of course some scenes straight out of Point Break.

Timothy Dalton was delicious as the one of the co-head bad guys (hard to explain, you have to see it) and his "death" scene was one of the best in the movie. Tee hee. The scene where the reporter meets his demise in the church yard was cinematic gold. Everyone in the theatre reacted. It was great. The swan...what can you say? One of those running gags that despite what you might think, didn't get old at all and helped provide a fantastic ending. My favourite part of the movie was Nick Frost. He's funny, great at physical comedy without being silly, and he's so adorable.

The verdict? Worth the cost of a DVD rental but not a full price theatre plus snacks. Rent with some friends and share a laugh. Keep your eyes open for Simon Pegg's next flick "Run, Fatboy, Run" which comes out this fall. It looks hilarious!


Wandering Coyote said...

Thanks for the review; I'll take your advice and either rent it or download it when it's available. Hope your Monday is way better than your Sunday!

Jocelyn said...

What I'm really left thinking here is that you shouldn't carry a cell phone.

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