Well, They Call it a WORK Out for a Reason

Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Today, the Captain's a-hurtin'. I had my first session with a trainer at the new gym last night. Included with the membership are three sessions with a trainer, a free protein shake, and a new waterbottle...woo hoo. Perks. I only have 2 weeks left to use up everything so I figured I should take advantage of the use of a trainer while I've got the chance. My session was supposed to be with Shannon, whom I was advised was very nice and non-intimidating. Fantastic. It was not to be. Seems she quit the day of our appointment (perhaps she'd heard of my rather sarcastic and sassy nature...) and rather than cancel, the gym manager asked if they could pair me up with a male trainer. I said sure. Inside I was thinking "dear god don't let him be some muscle-bound freak". Thankfully he was not. However, he was about 20, skinny, and had slightly weird spikey hair I had trouble not staring at. And, fortunately for both of us, he was a lot like me in his nature - he had lots of it. Plus, he didn't mind all that attitude I gave him and seemed rather to enjoy it as he laughed a lot at what I said. However, this was likely because he was thinking of all the horrific things he'd do to me later. So, after the obligatory weighing, measuring, poking and prodding, plus the added bonus of getting hooked up to a car battery, we hit the gym floor...literally. We only spent about 10 minutes actually exercising (correction "I" exercised...he observed!) and there was no cardio involved (that's next week). I did squats with a giant plastic ball between my back and the wall, some weird reverse thingy on the floor (again with an even BIGGER ball) and then finishing with an oddlooking sideways crab walk. As I was about to fall down dead, he excitedly told me it was time to do it all again. I hate him. Actually that's not true. Despite literally almost falling down the gym stairs because my legs had turned to jello (seriously, ask my sister in law - I really DID fall onto my ass going down the stairs. Thankfully I landed on the first step and didn't do an "ass over tea kettle" fall), I enjoyed working out with the "G-Man". I still can barely walk and stairs are a big NO NO but I did set up a second session with him on Sunday. He's threatened to get me in fantastic shape and lose 20-25 pounds by the time of the marathon in August. I told him if I lose that much by then I'd take him out to dinner. I'm planning on going for 24.75 pounds... ;-)

Other than that, busy at work although not as bad as before. Just haven't really been in the mood for blogging although I have been trying to visit everyone regularly. I decided not to mail in my passport, I've taken a day off later this month for more errand running and standing in line at the Passport Canada office...I'll be bringing a book, my MP3 player, and some snacks.

Also doing some knitting. I've finally gotten the hang of this mitten thing (although thumbs are still the bane of my existence). The skulls have been retired but just temporarily. I found that I had to do something different otherwise I would have to bin the pattern for good. So I've designed a couple of my own and borrowed a few from sites online. As I did with scarves a few years ago, I'm going to make a bunch over the summer and store them until the winter holiday season/birthdays arrive and then include them with my gifts. There, you've all been warned that you're getting mittens for Christmas! However, no guarantees that some of you will end up with favourite colours or a particular pattern (unless you request something well in advance).

I'm off - the stack of dirty dishes which seems to be multiplying is calling me once again. Toodles!


kelly said...

good for you on the gym. I know what its like to have your legs so tired and wobbly they collapse....the stairs seem very formidable after that. I work with a trainer very regularly,...keeps me motivated. you might find it worthwhile to have him set up a set of routines you can go through and then meet him every once in a while to change it up. The body can get use to doing the same thing over and over.....Way to go KAren

* (asterisk) said...

Ah, the gym. I remember those days. Ah, the passport office. Yeah, you have fun with that now, y'hear. Never done it; never plan to!

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