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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
The gym situation has been resolved. I spoke with V, G, and the manager yesterday and let everyone know what was up. They were all concernced about how upset I was and the manager is investigating why I hadn't been contacted re the missed appointment. Apparently G had a major family emergency on the weekend and hadn't called into work on Sunday, which is totally understandable. I made it clear (I hope) when I spoke with them that I wasn't upset with him but rather that I wasn't informed that the appointment was a no-go after taking time out of my "busy" day (hey...stop laughing!) and making special arrangements to get there. G and I discussed the training and we've made a new appointment for....Sunday at noon. Interestingly enough, the EXACT same day and time of the last one. Hopefully this will work out. And I'll be reiterating to all three of them when I head in tonight (yes, I'm going back) that it's the bad service I've received not a particular individual that pissed me off. All in all I'm happy. All I wanted was a phone call in the first place and this time, I got three. 'Cause I'm special and darn cute.

After crawling out of bed this morning, I turned on CNN to watch the news as I ate breakfast and got ready for work. You just know it's going to be a weird day when the first thing you see is a story on a Sheep Steeple Chase. Every year, a group of sheep in Shropshire take part in the "Sheep Grand National" - only in England. According to the article on the BBC website, "Bleeting Tom was the race favourite with three-times winner Sylvester Stallone also well-fancied ... but 11-year-old Stallone looked rocky as age took its toll, and he finished well beaten." Too punny. Its probably a good thing that I haven't seen Black Sheep yet. If I had, and the first thing I saw this morning was a herd of crazy looking sheep running at me, I would have gone back to bed...


miss ewe said...

That is a great photo. Weird, but great. Thanks for sharing.

kelly said...


Wandering Coyote said...

Oh, I'm so glad the gym situation was resolved to your satisfaction!

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