Yet Another Well Read Blogger Steps Up to the Plate

Sunday, May 27, 2007
For me, there's something about warm summer weather and reading that just seem to go together. And it seems to be contagious. Barbara, our resident bad-tempered zombie, has accepted the challenge - the Summer Reading Challenge - and has set herself a goal of reading 5 books (she'll earn herself a pair of shoes if she can read six!). She's joining fellow bloggers Wandering Coyote, Krista, Beth, and myself in spending her days with her nose buried in a book rather than in front of the television.

If you'd like to join us, simply post the number of books you'd like to read before midnight on Labour Day (Canada - September 3? I think...). If you have specific books that you're planning on reading, list their titles as well. There are no real rules to the Summer Reading Challenge other than to enjoy what you're reading (don't just read fast to make you're way through your list); try to have a varied list of titles in your selections (try not to just read one particular author unless you're reading all the Harry Potters in a row, or the complete works of William Shakespeare); and ... most importantly, have fun. If you can provide an update once and a while on you're blog to let us all know how you're doing with your list, that would be great. And if you've got a picture of yourself reading one of your selections, post it, especially if its in an interesting place!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Thanks for the lovely welcome.
I just have to finish the newspaper and then I shall start to read my book. And it's not even bedtime yet!

I think that Mel and Allison are also interested in committing.

kelly said...

one book..does that constitute a list?

Toccata said...

The Red Tent! I absolutely loved that book. It's on my fave book list on my profile.

I'm in. I need to think about my list though. I feel I should throw in a couple of those classics that everyone says they should read but few actually have to offset my voracious mystery reading!

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