Saturday, June 23, 2007
33. Flushed: How the Plumber Saved Civilization - W. Hodding Carter

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Though it's a pretty safe bet that the only people who pick up this book will be those who interested in sewage, the author's easy humor, average homeowner's point-of-view, and excitement for his subject should ensnare the casual browser. The book's also extensive: Carter, a history and nature author, discusses water-delivery and sewage systems from the height of Rome to the sewers of London to present-day Boston. Anecdotes and interviews pair well with thorough history and technical explanation, and Carter reserves a chapter to discuss the plumber himself: his profession, his training, and why, in the case of a nuclear holocaust, plumbers "will be our knights in droopy jeans." Though he can be a little too loose with the toilet-humor (chapter 12 is called "The Power of Poop"), his populist, live-and-in-color approach could make this a crossover hit.

Overall, an interesting read - and QUICK! I finished it in about two days. I was actually expecting something a bit more academic but Carter's person experiences with all aspects of plumbing and his hands-on approach made it very entertaining.


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