Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride...

Saturday, June 09, 2007
I don't remember hearing this story the first time around, perhaps you do. A 31 year old Iowa woman, Marcy Gant, was so desperate for a wedding dress, she offered to trade one of her children as payment for the gown. Excuse me?

What is wrong with people these days? Why are some of the women of my generation so desperate to have a man that they put their children second to getting that ring on their fingers? Men (or women, for those looking for a same-sex partner) come and go. Sure they might stay and you could have a lifetime of happiness but let's be realistic. Those children will ALWAYS be your children, no one can change that. (To be fair not ALL of the women in my generation are like this, and in fact most are probably not)

And in one brief little blip on the celebrity radar (trying still to avoid commenting but can't resist), one of the world's richest cry babies is headed back to jail and now must serve her ENTIRE sentence. It's about time that Hollywood faced the same punishment as the rest of the world.


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm glad they took her kids. She doesn't deserve them.

Gardenia said...

A wedding dress for kids? Hmmm, would someone take cats instead. Only kidding. Crazies come and crazies go, unfortunately they also have children.

Paris - came from another planet - she doesn't understand the real world obviously despite her forays into reality TV. Nichole is chuckling up big laughs over going to jail, herself. I guess if you are rich enough, the stigma is no big deal, huh? Little Paris I think is so chemically soaked that she's not aware. In another post I said she was really lucky not to have killed someone, driving drunk.

And Bush - apparently God is not residing in Putin's eyes anymore?

SME said...

Ye gods. Does she max out her kids and then cut them up into little pieces, too? No, don't tell me...she probably would.

I had a relatively inexpensive wedding, and it was awesome. Everybody had fun - some too much fun - and my JCPenney's dress wasn't any worse than the ungodly-expensive meringue dresses women insist on buying. I wish people could refocus their energies from their weddings to their marriages (and children!).

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