Brains on Toast - The Perfect Zombie Treat

Monday, June 25, 2007
According to a quiz Kelly linked to, I've got a whopping 36% chance of surviving a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Great. So, that means that if Barbara ever decides to head north in search of some fresh brains, mine will likely be some of the first she digs into. Nuts.

I couldn't get the badge to show up on my blog the way Kelly did - something wrong with the code and I couldn't fix it no matter how I tried.


kelly said...

woo hoo...Karen is gonna be zombie meat before i am...Barb? you have Karens address?

Sheamus the... said...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

hehehe I DO, Kelly! And I'm getting a bit peckish.

I did this quiz at Bubs' a while back and was stunned to discover I only had a 49% chance. I figured with my connections, I would fare better, but no.

Tanya said...

Zombie Apocalypse... I see.

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