Bush to Putin: Cold War Over

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Bush is now telling Putin to take a chill-pill and there’s no need to worry about the missile defense system. Yeah, that’s right. The rest of the world is just going to bend-over and let Georgie Jr. do whatever he wants with no consequences, repercussions, or retaliatory actions. Um….no, I don’t think so.

I really don’t understand this whole situation. It would seem to me, and I’m far from being an expert, that by placing missiles in Eastern Europe to deter/prevent certain countries (i.e.: Iran or North Korea, according to reports) from attacking “us” via a missile attack would only encourage these countries (almost any country for that matter) to go ahead and do it. Why shouldn’t they see it as an aggressive maneuver on behalf of the US (“the west”)? You’re going to need troops to man these missile defence outposts, right? Well, that’s just a small step away from “Oooops we crossed the border and invaded you!”

Think of it this way. During the Cold War, the buildup of nuclear weapons, ready to annihilate the world with the push of a single button, was basically a pissing match between the US and Russia. Russia places a missile silo in the Ukraine, for example, aimed at some US ally. The US then places a missile silo in Poland and aims it at Kiev…etc etc etc. All it is going to take is ONE nuclear powered weapon to eliminate most if not all of the population of the earth, destroy the atmosphere and send us into a nuclear winter for hundreds of years.

And what’s the point of all this? My missile’s longer than yours? Another argument as to why women should run the world…as long as its not Hilary Clinton…


SME said...

Man. As if Russia doesn't have enough problems; perestroika/glasnost soured bigtime, then this bland psychopath named Putin appeared to make things even worse, now they have to re-enter this pissing contest just to defend themselves against another bland psychopath on the other side of the world. What good can come of this? Maybe young Russian women will stop selling themselves to middle-aged doofuses in the U.S. to avoid having to live in their parents' 400-sq.-ft apartments forever? That's the only upside I can imagine in this evil mess.

Sheamus the... said...

man... i love Calvin and Hobbs

andrew said...

Ummm, it would take more than a single nuclear weapon to kill all the people in the world, and
Russias been soo screwed up for centuries it shouldnt be worried about where the US puts missiles. Maybe it should feed its people, get them running water. THeres a start. And your damn right it was a pissing match, but woman are the same. A catfight is no different then a "pissing match" All humans, regardless of race, religion, or gender, are downright competitive. If we weren't our whole system would crash. Competitiveness is working toward and incentive. (power, money, etc.) When the incentive, or competitive spirit to get it is gone, the system implodes. Sounds like the USSR doesnt it?

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