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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Do you remember this? No? Well, it wasn't really big news and it WAS 1957. Back then, someone had a brilliant idea to bury a '57 Plymouth Belevedere (Jinkees! What a waste of a great car...) in a concrete bomb shelter as part of a time capsule the city of Tulsa decided to create. According to town officials, the bomb shelter could withstand a nuclear blast. However, as the article goes on to couldn't withstand a little bit of water. When the town opened it up and hoisted the car out, much to their surprise the car was rusted beyond repair and wouldn't start. Really? WOW. Colour me surprised. Not only did they ruin a perfectly good (ok, let's just say it, a BEAUTIFUL car), but I bet the people who were around when the capsule was originally sealed are glad they didn't have to use their own bomb shelters due to nuclear war. Yikes!

There will be no Dinner and a Movie this week. I know! You're all VERY disappointed. Instead, mom got free tickets to the football game between Edmonton and BC on Thursday so we're heading off to that this week. However, I should have a movie lined up for next week (probably something from the 70s again) and I've already got dinner planned. Stay tuned.

Tonight, The Nature of Things highlights the newest innovations in "green" architecture and David Suzuki (*sigh...*) pays a visit to Randy Bachman's house (what other Canadian musician would a CBC show visit?). Apparently Bachman's house is made of 'rammed earth'. Oh yeah...from the sounds of it, Suzuki gets naked. Mmmmm. Naked Suzuki.


Sheamus the... said...

staying tuned...

Shea said...

btw...i will send your movie this week i hope.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeah, Bachman is one of the CBC's own favourite sons now, with that horrible show that he hosts on Saturdays.

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