Monday, June 11, 2007
Grab your cafeteria trays folks, Edmonton’s having a week long food fight! CBC Radio (do I listen to anything else?) is running a week long event called FOOD FIGHT: LOCAL vs. GLOBAL. All week long they’ll be highlighting the debate over eating only locally grown foods, organic vs. non, etc.

To start off the week, an Edmonton family, the Mackay’s will be following the 100-Mile Diet and eating only locally grown/available foods. They have a BLOG that they will be updating regularly as well as offering recipes that use only local ingredients. The premise of the 100-Mile Diet is pretty simple – only eat foods which are grown/raised within a 100 mile radius of your home. It’s good for the environment (provided you’re not driving around for hours on end trying to find local producers) as the locally grown products don’t have to travel thousands of miles to reach you.

To be fair, the authors of the 100-Mile Diet preserved a lot of in-season produce so that they could enjoy it during the winter months (eg: fruits). This isn’t always feasible for some of us (especially those who rent small apartments with little or no storage space). I’m all for canning and freezing. I remember my mother used to do it when we were younger. She even made her own pickles. Mmmmm, pickles. This summer, the brother, sister in law, kidlets, and I are planning on heading to one of those U-Pick berry farms. If I get enough, I’ll certainly be able to freeze some for later in the year. And don’t forget your local farmers’ markets. Edmonton’s Old Strathcona market is open all year around so you can enjoy fresh local produce 365 days a year!

While I’m not sure if I’m ready to eat local only, it certainly is inspiring and makes you think a bit more about where your food comes from!


SME said...

I would really love to eat locally, but can we do it here? For real? Storage is definitely an issue. So is variety. But...I hope it can be done, and I'd be willing to try.

SME said...

(the market's great, but oy! The crowds! I feel like a salmon trying to spawn...)

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