Wednesday, June 27, 2007
I’m fuming. And who am I fuming at right now? The people of Edmonton. Shame on the Capital city. I’m now officially embarrassed to be from the City of Champions.

As you all know, there’s a massive housing shortage here in Edmonton. People with jobs are having to sleep on the streets or in shelters because they cannot find affordable housing in this city. Even if you might find an apartment/house, you’re going to be paying an arm and a leg in order to stay there. That’s enough to make me upset but it gets worse.

You see, the Edmonton Eskimos, the local professional football (CFL) team here in town, just finalized it’s roster and there are a number of new players on the team. Like most Edmontonians, I’m all for welcoming the new players and showing them what a great town this can be. Unfortunately for the players, they’re experiencing the same problems re: housing that all the “average joes” are going through. Not enough housing. Last night on the news, they even had a report showing just how hard it is for the players out there, following them around town trying to find places to stay. Poor babies.

CBC Radio just ran a spot on their news about the same thing…the players are homeless. Boo hoo. The city’s response? Hundreds of calls are flooding the Eskimos’ office offering houses, apartments, spare rooms, even couches for the players to sleep on. Normally I’d say “Way to go Edmonton!”. What really gets my goat though is where the hell have all these offers been when there are thousands of people already struggling to find housing in this city? We have people camping out in the river valley, in front of City Hall, and outside shelters but no one is flooding the mayor’s office with calls of apartments to rent, available basement suites or a spare room.

Why does this city feel it is alright to come to the aid of professional athletes who make a lot more money than they do but they won’t help the average person trying to better themselves. Shame on you Edmonton. Shame.


Wandering Coyote said...

Yep, it is shameful. Your provincial government has GOT to do something about all this growth, or else you're going to have even worse problems very soon. Same here in BC, yet the "Liberals" are doing didley.

Red said...

It must be quite awful to be homeless, but to be homeless in a place where you still get snow as far into the year as April must be super hard. Why is it so hard to find accommodation? Are new houses not being built? Are they being hoarded by property developers?

(Incidentally, it doesn't surprise me one bit that the poor little athletes are being helped out while everybody else can suck on a lemon -- it would be the same here in the UK. And in Italy. Governemtns all over the world just seem to have the wrong priorities...)

Charlotte Henderson said...

Where is the image of the homeless person under the stairs from? I am looking to locate its original source as i would love to use it in a project i am currently working on, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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