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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Attention history fans! History Television is beginning a new three part series entitled “Inside Lost Worlds”. The first episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday June 26th. According to the website, here is the description of what the show is about:

Some of the greatest wonders of the ancient world still lie buried – unseen and unexplored – beneath our feet; near-legendary places that vanished thousands of years ago. What did these legendary places really look like, who lived in them, and why did they vanish? The show follows a documentary detective trail of meticulous archaeological and historical clues to unearth some of the greatest lost cities of the ancient world.

The three shows sound fascinating and I have to admit are covering subjects that, despite my voracious appetite for history books, I have not yet read about (the Captain hangs her head in shame…). The show will focus on Piramesses, the capital city of Ramesses II, the pyramid city of Tucume (the biggest single collection of pyramids in South America), and Hattusah, the capital city of the Hittites (a group I know basically nothing about whatsoever).

Dinner and a Movie for next week might have to include the premiere episode along with the scheduled documentary on Che Guevara (mom’s choice – she sounds very excited to learn all about him). I read my list on Rogers Video Direct incorrectly and assumed they’d send me Coma (1978) first. Oh well…next time I guess.

For all you cheesy horror fans out there, now’s your chance to host your own horror movie television show. That’s right, the folks at FOX (who else?) are on the hunt for the next Elvira! You can be the next Mistress (or Master) of the Dark. This is one competition I won’t be applying for despite having the pre-requisite killer rack.


SME said...

Good stuff!
I saw the Che doc, and it's not bad. I wish the dude would've stuck with treating lepers instead of becoming a thug, but that's a whole different post...

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