Moses Supposes His Toeses are Roses

Sunday, June 24, 2007
but Moses supposes erroneously. Probably my favourite song from Singing in the Rain. I haven't mentioned him in a while but those who've been following my blog for a while should remember that, along with Sir Tom Jones, I also love Gene Kelly. Or was that on my previous blog? Oh well, doesn't matter. I do. I heart Gene. Hmmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern here - men who can sing and know how to shake their hips. Apparently I DO have a "type" afterall...

Singing in the Rain is by far not my fave Gene Kelly musical although I have to admit that with the exception of the dancing scene in the cafe, it's better than An American in Paris. I had a terrible time finding clips on YouTube of his work though that weren't Singing in the Rain. I find that incredibly sad.


BeckEye said...

Gene Kelly is such a hottie. And he's a Pittsburgh boy. (My hometown.) I love "Singing in the Rain" also and was just talking about it last night. While I do love Gene, I've always been partial to Donald O'Connor because he's such a goof. That's the kind of guy I've always wanted to marry. If I had to point to a current day favorite goof, of course it would be Will Ferrell.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, but you're freaking me out! I'm thinking that perhaps we were separated at birth. We're both 34, love "Singing in the Rain" and your answer to the Blogger question is SO close to mine. While you would wear Smartie pasties and an icing g-string, I opted for marshmallow pasties and a licorice thong. Then your comment about not even having a used K-Car cracked me up because the first car I ever owned was....a used K-Car! The old maroon Plymouth Reliant. God, I actually LOVED that car. The boxy shape made it so easy to see over the hood.

So now I guess the question is, what are your feelings on John Travolta?

Beth said...

Love, love this musical! Insane dancing. And couldn't you just eat Debbie Reynolds with a spoon? She was so cute.

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