Only One Day Late

Saturday, June 09, 2007
I can’t believe that I forgot to post a Friday Tom Jones clip. The song is certainly not one that I would have normally chosen but its getting to be slim pickin’s – pretty soon I’ll be doing re-runs… nuts. And frankly, Tom’s guest on this episode of his variety program surprised me a little. Not what I would have expected and looks a bit out of place given the people TJ normally has on. Oh well, I suppose he was popular at one point, right? Enjoy.

Remember how I was going on and on about the potential cold war/missile crisis about to erupt in Europe between Putin and Bush? That’s nothing folks. Apparently our idiot of a Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has dissed Bono and refuses to meet with him to discuss various world affairs, claiming his goal isn’t to hang out with celebrities but to focus on “public policies”. Granted, yes, Bono is a celebrity, one that is recognized the world over. He’s also been a major activist in the fight against world poverty for almost as long as he’s been famous. Does Harper not watch the news or read the papers? Perhaps its because Bono (and fellow celebrity activist Sir Bob Geldof) has called out Harper for not living up to promises he made regarding African aid. Is there a national election coming up soon? Please????


SME said...

I thought that was sooo rude of Harper. Anyway, who DOESN'T want to meet Bono?

My neighbors are having their customary loud 'n' nasty weekend fight, so I'm gonna crank up Tom Jones and see if that does anything. If it doesn't shut 'em up, maybe it'll get them in the mood so they'll stop bickering for a few minutes...

Beth said...

"This is Tom Jones" available on DVD.


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