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Monday, June 18, 2007
I now know what my cats do when I’m not at home. They chat online. That’s right world. Be afraid…be very afraid. Actually, without the use of opposable thumbs, I doubt they’d be able to actually type anything even remotely legible. However, there is a spot (dear lord, help us) where humans can go online and chat with other feline lovers while pretending to be…yup, you guessed it…cats. There’s a fine line out there and apparently a lot of people are crossing it. Honestly, I think there’s something wrong if you’re out there telling other people that you’ve “been pooing in the laundry room but not my LB”. In my mind, that’s crossed the line beyond merely creepy to “you should be committed”. And for those who don’t know, even these cat people (what the hell do you call them?) have their own internet shorthad. LB = Litter Box. Please make them go away… What I found fascinating about the article from the Globe and Mail was when the “expert” they quoted compares the actions of the people on this MeowChat thingy to the ancient Roman celebration of Saturnalia. Hmmm, having a master and slave switch roles for a day seems just a tad bit different to me than pretending you’re a cat. Call me kooky, but those are my thoughts on the subject.

Now that the Harry Potter series will be coming to an end this summer, the publisher of the series is announcing what he believes will be his replacement...a boy archaeologist. When I first read that, I was excited. Woo hoo! Finally (where was stuff like that when I was a kid?) From the description of the first, originally self-published book though, I don’t know. According to the publisher: “Tunnels has it all: a boy archaeologist, merciless villains, a lost world and an extraordinary journey to the centre of the earth”. Sounded quite fascinating until the part about the centre of the earth. How about a realistic children’s book series? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Potter series but this new series has the potential to inspire a whole new generation of young Indiana Jonses’. Fedoras and whips will be flying off the shelves come Halloween. Just wait and see. It’s currently available for pre-order on Amazon but according to both the British version and the American versions, it will be released in early July.


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