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Friday, June 29, 2007
That's what the Captain has become. Just short of two months after starting the Summer Reading Challenge, I've made it HALFWAY through my list of twenty books I wanted to read by midnight on labour day! That's right folks, halfway!

Now, I will freely admit that many of the books have not been giant, thick volumes. Generally, though, they've been between 250 - 400 pages. Brave New World was the shortest at 177 pages but it was not what I'd consider easy reading. And no, I have NOT been reading faster than normal just to get through them (remember? that was one of the few rules I asked people to follow). I've always been a fast reader. And here's the biggest shocker for all of you out there. I've been watching less television.

Normally when I come home from work, I drop my bag, say hello to the cats and turn the television on before I even take off my coat. And it typically stays on until I go to bed... pretty sad (but explains why the captain's not in tip top marathon shape). Starting this week, I noticed that I still turn it on when I come home, listen to it while I'm cooking and watch the news while eating dinner. But then it gets a rest for about two hours while I read, do dishes and putter around the house before sitting down to read again. The Captain not watching television? Al Gore was right. The world is ending...

Any of the other summer readers care to provide everyone with an update or share a reading story? Favourite book perhaps? Or a book you were really surprised by this summer.


Wandering Coyote said...

I cannot put down The Beauty Myth. It's completely absorbing. I think it should be required reading for every 12 year old girl AND boy out there.

I am watching less TV, too. Not necessarily because I'm reading more, but because all my favourite shows are done for the summer!

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