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Wednesday, June 06, 2007
This reading thing is getting addictive. Now, SME has posted about her list of books she’s hoping to read. Check it out.

Question: tonight is a repeat of The (White) Rapper Show, same episode that was on Sunday, but I’ll watch it anyways. Oh how I wish I had a VCR still…that way I could watch MC Serch yell “STEP OFF” whenever I wanted. I’ll just have to settle for clips like this one…

You know what I’m saying? Word up.

What was the point of this paragraph? Oh yeah, I had a question. Can anyone tell me, with some certainty, if there is a difference between Rap and Hip Hop? Yes, some of you out there are laughing at me, perhaps saying I’m whiter than Wonder Bread. However, I’ve always associated Hip Hop with the 80s and early 90s styles. You know, when MC’s where lyrical and their words flowed. Nowadays, it’s all gansta-rap and genre crossovers. Yuck. If you check out the Wikipedia article, they list rap as one of the four cultural elements of Hip Hop. Anyone?

Lazy Eye Theatre’s recent post on The Simple Genius of Ralph had me seeing flashbacks this morning. At first I thought perhaps it might have been an epileptic fit due to the report CNN was doing on the new 2012 London Olympics logo (whoever designed that should be fired) but no, it was a genuine flashback. When I worked at COMPANY XXX (no it wasn’t porn related), our tiny department consisted of four women and one man (plus the male boss but he doesn’t count). The one guy in our group proudly displayed a complete set of Simpson’s figurines on his computer. Feeling slightly devious (and a tad bit bored) we devised a plan to steal his figurines.

As I arrived first thing every morning, I quickly swiped them off his desk the next day and had a coworker in another department hold them for ransom. And then the fun began. Every day for a week, we sent our male coworker an email from a bogus hotmail account. Each email was written in the speech style of a different Simpson’s character, the easiest being Ralph Wiggums. The final note, in paper form, came on the Friday in a plain, unmarked envelope from Mr. Burns himself. Inside was one small yellow plastic hand (we didn’t actually remove Bart’s hand – it was from another similarly coloured toy). We demanded Cookies by George by 1:00PM or more body parts would begin to arrive.

At first, he was pissed that someone would have gone so far as to deface his toys. However, he soon caved and headed out on his lunch hour. Having told us what the kidnappers wanted before he left, we suggested he get us some cookies as well. Sure enough, at 1:00PM a box of cookies were shared by our group and another was dropped off at the receptionist’s office as ordered. He headed off to a meeting. Coming back an hour later, he discovered the figurines returned and the four of us eating TWO boxes of cookies. Oddly enough he had never suspected us! Everyone else in the company, including our boss, had been blamed but he never quite clued in… Ah, memories. I really think I should do that again….hmmm


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Beautiful! Extortion and dismemberment in the workplace! It's stuff like that which makes life worth living.

And I don't know rap from hi-hop from come'ere.

SME said...

Er, does rap have to rhyme? But hip-hop doesn't? Ya got me. I'm whiter than white myself.

LLLLLOL at the Simpsons Hostage Crisis! I'd go postal if anyone tampered with my Marvin Monroe figurine, but I'd probably pay a hefty ransom too. All the Cookies by George a person could eat. ;D

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