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Tuesday, June 26, 2007
I left My Water Bottle in San Francisco…
Seems that San Francisco is rapidly becoming (or trying to at least) the greenest city in America. Remember when they banned plastic shopping bags in supermarkets? Yay for them, by the way. Well, city council has gone one step further and stopped supplying city workers with bottled water. Looking not only to help the environment, the Mayor is looking at trying to save the city some money by having people use the tap instead of overpriced fancy, schmancy spring water. Who’s bright idea was it to bottle WATER for sale to stupid idiots such as myself? Now THAT IS a brilliant idea…people are such suckers. Good for San Fran. We spend all that time, energy, and resources to make our tap water one of the best in the world and yet we don’t drink it. Sheesh. The Mayor’s plan will save the city an estimated half a million dollars a year, and reduces the amount of oil/gas and other resources taken up in the production and transport of all those plastic bottles.

Law and Order
Yes folks, she’s out. That’s all I’m saying…and no, I’m not going to bother linking to any articles about it.

Remember that crazy-assed judge in, where else, the States, that tried to sue his local drycleaners for $54 million because they lost a pair of his fancy pants? Well, the judge presiding over the case has ruled against him and ordered him to pay $1000 towards the court costs of the drycleaners. That’s fine and dandy and I hope he loses his job on the bench, but what about the legal fees the drycleaners have to pay for defending themselves? That’s likely to reach into the tens of thousands if not more! To top it off, they are quoted in the article as saying they’d welcome this idiot back to their store if he wanted to continue using their services…now who’s crazy?

More Crazy Ideas
I’ve been planning the post-marathon BBQ for our family and friends in August and I’ve had a wicked craving for a hot dog. So, what do I do? I cave, give into the urge for processed pigs genitals and cow anuses and buy myself some. Two bites was pretty much all it took for the craving to be squashed. What the hell is wrong with me? The texture was enough to make me want to throw up, let alone the taste, and now my stomach’s gone wonky and bad things are in my near future….perhaps I’ll give them to my brother – the kids enjoy hotdogs, I think. What do you say, Dave?

And The Winner of Stupidest Idea of the Year…
Just moments after handing over the crown to fellow Labour party member, Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is about to possibly become a Mideast Envoy to help with the peace process. Are you serious? This is the same game who blindly followed his political crush, George Bush, into Iraq and as a result caused the death of thousands of Iraqis, and British and American troops. Now they want HIM to help bring peace to the Middle East? Somehow the words “peace” and “Tony Blair” don’t naturally go hand in hand for me. I suppose the only thing more stupid than that would be to appoint George Bush himself. Oh wait…he’s still to busy obliterating Iraq and Afghanistan and then he’s got that Bin Laden problem to eventually deal with. And if he ever gets around to it, there’s immigration, unemployment, education, etc. I think he’ll be busy for at least the next year and ½. After that though…let’s just hope Blair can bring peace to the region before someone decides to let Georgie Jr. try his hand at it. Idiot.

What the Hell is Wrong with Dick Cheney?
That’s a rhetorical question in case you didn’t clue in. A more appropriate question might be…what’s right with Dick Cheney? Remember a little while ago when former president Jimmy Carter blasted Bush and said he was the worst president in the history of the US? Well, Cheney’s certainly the worse vice president, hands down. Sure, Dan Quayle couldn’t spell or know history but at least he didn’t shoot someone in the face. That’s an interesting way to shut someone up don’t you think? Now, he thinks that the rules and laws of his country don’t apply to him, he doesn’t have to answer to anyone, and just back the F#$K off will you? Has he never heard of the expression “responsible government”? Oh wait, just like the laws of gravity, the laws created by the government, of which he’s a part, don’t apply to him. The 2008 election can’t come quickly enough and I’m not even American!

For anyone who's interested, Larry King will be interviewing filmmaker Michael Moore about his new film "SICKO" on Larry King Live this Friday (June 29th). Check your local listings.

Peace out, blogosphere.


Wandering Coyote said...

Yves makes a pretty good veggie dog.

g:montine said...

good post on the inane and insane consumption of water in plastic bottles. i'd like to use the bottle sandal image on - is it yours or do you know the source? THANKS

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