Upcoming Elections

Monday, June 11, 2007
There are two bi-elections taking place in the southern part of Alberta today, in the ridings of former Premier Ralph Klein, and former Deputy Premier Shirley McLellan. The results will likely give us an idea of what we can expect in the next provincial election (I'm guessing it'll happen next year - 2008).

Given that there has been an influx of people migrating to Alberta recently, mainly from the maritimes (stong Liberal supporters) and Saskatchewan (VERY strong New Democrats), I'm hoping that their votes will help bring about some major changes in government here in Oil Country. I'm not saying that the Liberals will finally retake the Legislature or that the NDP will become the official opposition (I couldn't be that lucky...) but guaranteed the Conservatives, while still forming the government, won't win nearly as many seats as they have historically under the reign of King Ralph. And I doubt we'll see much more of Mr. Stelmach...we'll have a new premier after the next provincial election, regardless of who wins.


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