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Monday, June 04, 2007
The War In Iraq – A Gateway to Iran
Rapid Rise of China – Scared US Brokers
Castro still Alive – Invasion Plans on Hold

The increasing threat of War Games actually coming true? Who cares - we’ll all be dead.

Mastercard: Use it while you still can.

Break out your parkas and skull mittens, ladies and gentlemen. There’s a new cold war coming and it could mean nuclear winter.

Have I been asleep for the past few days? Catatonic due to the oppressive heat that’s had Edmonton in its grip for the last week? Or perhaps blinded by my recent fascination with pigmentally-challenged musical poets trying to find fame. Regardless, I’ve been in the dark until this morning about a possible modern-day missile crisis which is threatening us.

It seems that Bushy boy, who Jimmy Carter claimed was the worst president in US history (or something like that), has designs on putting missiles all over Eastern Europe to protect them against the possibility of attacks from countries such as Iran and North Korea. In retaliation, Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to aim their arsenal of missiles (which, according to the CBC article, are capable of carrying nuclear warheads) at Europe. What the F&*$ happened over the weekend?????

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t something similar happen from the closing days of WWII up until the 80s during the height of the Cold War?

I’ve been an opponent of the US’s illegal activities abroad for years – the “war” in Iraq the American administration started there, their invasion in Afghanistan (which drew us in as well) are just two of the most glaring examples. This one though takes the cake. George Bush has gone crazy. Rather than moving the world closer towards peace, a cooperative international community, and focusing on the big issues (access to education, food and clean water, freedom from political and religious persecution, poverty, climate change, etc), the US President has decided instead to spend the past seven years in office trying to pick a fight with anyone and everyone who will meet him by the bike racks after school. He’s pathetic.

The United States, while we might not like it, still is THE most powerful nation on the planet. As such, the president has more power than many other nations combined. However, he’s using his power to increasingly alienate his country from the international community. The US has the ability to become the most revered (for lack of a better word) nation in the world by setting an example for others to follow. If Bush isn’t careful, he’s going to get the country caught up into a web that even Al Gore can’t pull them out of.

If anyone sees Matthew Broderick anywhere near a computer or modem, please stop him at all costs. Thanks.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yeah it's the cold war part II, it would seem. And it ain't just you, babe, it snuck up when I wasn't looking as well.

Best quote I heard all weekend:
"The only reason there has been no serious attempt on Bush's life so far is because it would automatically make Cheney president."

Wandering Coyote said...

I'd be pissed if I were Putin, too.

So much for the end of nuclear proliferation; now we have missile defense proliferation. One arms race is just as bad as another. And we just never seem to learn, do we? We all go to school, we all learn the basics of history, yet we keep doing the same things over and over again in different guise.

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