I Love to Sweat

Friday, July 27, 2007
That’s a bit misleading, not to mention a bit icky sounding. I don’t like sweating for no reason. Walking to the bus stop in 32C weather wearing work clothes? Nope, not a good type of sweat. Powerwalking home in the same hot weather, carrying a full back pack, and slathered in sun block? You betcha. Now that I’ve finally embraced (somewhat) my training and walked home three days in a row (shut up…it’s better than what I was doing before), I’m loving the sweat.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking through the front door, dropping my pack on the floor, and peeling off my shirt to realize it’s basically soaking wet with my stinky sweaty secretions. And I’m loving it.

I used to hate sweating. Even when exercising. It was icky. And I’ve never been a big sweater (that is, one who sweats as opposed to something made of wool). If I went to the gym, even working out really hard, I’d never be one of those people with giant drops of sweat pouring off the ends of their nose. I was more of a girlie sweater.No longer.

Now, it’s as though the moment my feet slide into my running shoes, my body gets the signal to start sweating. Bring it on. Make me sweat. I want to be wet and glisten-y. Again, that’s a bit icky sounding. Even so, I love it.


Sheamus the... said...

oh man...i love those slugs. I just hate sweating when i am trying to fall asleep. Or i hate when you go for a run, take a hot shower, and then you jsut cant cool down.

sp said...

It feels great doesn't it?

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