Maternity Leave - The Big Scam PART 2

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Some confusion has arisen from my previous post. And some of it is mine. You see, as I have never taken maternity leave, I was not aware that the "paid mat leave" to which I referred was not paid by the employer but rather through EI. I mistakenly assumed that this was done through the employer as I couldn't imagine EI compensating someone for having a baby rather than working. However, this doesn't change my feelings on the subject.

Millions of people across this country pay into EI and don't use it. It's not something you can access anytime you want to. It's there to assist you should you lose your job, become ill, etc. The fact that someone has CHOSEN to have a baby and take time off of from their job does not, in my humble opinion, entitle them to be paid to not work. It was their CHOICE. And before all of you stay at home mothers out there start yelling at me because you feel "being a mom is a fulltime job" etc etc. I agree with you. It IS a full time job. It's a very difficult job. And it's one of the most important jobs out there. I've babysat before; why do you think I've decided not to have my own?

And Anonymous, if you reread the first post on maternity leave, I never wrote that MY SPECIFIC EMPLOYER provides paid mat leave for it's employees but thanks so much for sharing with the world who I work for. As I believe I may have only mentioned it once or twice, you're obviously a regular reader. One, however, that despite having their own strong opinions, has to hide behind the label "anonymous". Or you're someone who knows me in which case I'm disappointed that you don't respect my right to semi-privacy regarding my personal information. If I chose to mention or reveal something like that, that is my decision, not yours.

Due to the actions of aforementioned anonymous blabbermouth, I've deleted their comment on the previous post regarding this subject matter. Also, I've changed the comment option so that anonymous comments will no longer be allowed. If you want to attack me and my right to voice my opinions, bring it on. Just don't be afraid of the fall out by hiding.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I knew, writing that post, that I was bound to receive some negative comments and possibly offend some of my regular visitors whom I know are stay at home moms/dads, or parents who work. Heck, even my brother took parental leave when his kids were born. I'm not afraid of what any of them might say. We're lucky to live in a country that allows us freedom of speech and the right to express our opinions as we see fit. And yes, that even applies to people like "anonymous". My decision to remove the comment and to change the comment settings has nothing to do with the very obvious difference in opinion the two of us have on this subject. It was their decision to mention my employer in their comment that has pissed me off.

I welcome a healthy debate and hope that anyone who wishes to comment on any subject I post about (yes, even my infatuation with Sir Jones) would do so in a mature, intelligent, and respectful manner. If my friend Wandering Coyote has written...BE NICE OR FUCK OFF.


SME said...

I'm feeling the same way about anon posters. Anon decided to vent his issues with my boyfriend's views on MY blog and I had to tell him/her basically the same thing.

Wandering Coyote said...

OK - I have an Anonymous troll and have pinpointed only his IP address. Can you do that? Because maybe it's the same person.

He left a nasty comment on my "Happy Solstice" post June 21 and another in the more recent "Sewing" post.

It's only chicken shits that post as anons, IMO. And it's amazing they can't take a hint and/or read when BE NICE OR FUCK OFF is right before their eyes.

* (asterisk) said...

I had a recent Anon attack. I left it there and responded to it. Don't know who it was. Don't care. Prick.

I'm sure your mat leave is similar to ours in terms of who pays it. But you're right: it's still a choice to leave and have a child. I guess the govt thinks it's worthwhile to increase the number of natives. All the more to send to the war on terror in a few years' time...

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