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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Tonight was the latest installment of Dinner and A Movie. The selection for our vieweing pleasure was 1975's (or according to the DVD jacket 1974's) original version of The Stepford Wives. Neither my mother or I had seen it (or so we thought), so we figured why not. Note to all you movie lovers out there, I would NOT recommend the 2004 re-make. I will admit I haven't seen the whole thing (and am extremely thankful) but the parts that I did see were terrible. And why would you turn it into a comedy? Idiots. Plus the remake has Nicole Kidman. Need I say more? Terrible actress...

I decided to go a little "Stepford Wife" myself with dinner this time around and tried to finally have a bit of a theme. It was a veggie meal (mom doesn't mind) but it certainly fit the bill. I made homemade scalloped potatoes, steamed green beans with garlic butter, and sliced tomatoes in balsamic vinagrette. To go completely Stepford, I would have had to bake a whole ham but...ick. For dessert, I made a raspberry/apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Mom was surprised I wasn't waiting at the door with a perfectly coiffed beehive, martini in hand, to take her coat. The only difference between myself and Martha Stewart? I'm not a bitch...much.

Turns out we had both seen the movie but tried to give it a go regardless. It's a very good movie, definately high on the creepy factor. Unfortunately, both of us were getting annoyed with all the sexist stereotypes and then finally mom had had enough when one of the male characters is staring at the lead actress make coffee and tells her that he loves watching women do domestic chores. (A) Beyond creepy (B) Jackass. It didn't help that we were completely wiped out (more on that below) so we cut the night short without finishing the movie.

Work has been kicking my ass this week and it's only Tuesday. That doesn't bode well. Due to a number of poorly planned approved vacation requests, my counterparts in our sister-department are going insane so I'm replacing one of the ones on vacation. Plus I'm doing my job. It's been a bit of a nightmare so far. Only three more days...only three more days.... I'm headed into work early tomorrow morning and will likely work through lunch (and take no breaks, again) in order to not fall too far behind.

As such, I'm sleeptyping this and my lower back is one giant knot. And while I'm one of those "early to bed, early to rise" folks, I refuse to go to bed before 8PM. Guaranteed though, I'm counting down the minutes until that moment comes. So, if I don't blog, comment, or email as much as usual, don't worry. I haven't killed anyone...yet. I'm just much much busier than normal.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I really enjoyed the book the Stepford Wives but never saw the earlier film. I too hated the remake though.

sp said...

Glad to hear your take on the re-make. I will definitely avoid it now.
I love the original! When I first saw it I was awake for hours because I found it so disturbing. It's a film that makes you uncomfortable. All those sexist comments are part of what makes it disturbing because the men are so crude and they have all the power.

p.s. the meal sounded great.

Wandering Coyote said...

Ah, this explains the comment over at Harper Valley I just made. I was wondering why your day would be ending at 6pm, which I realize is 7pm your time.

Anywho...I have not seen this movie, but perhaps will give it a go. Dinner sounded good, but lacking in protein! I loooooooove scalloped potatoes!

Hope the rest of your week is tolerable.

Red said...

Eh, I've just disappeared from blogland for about a fortnight, courtesy of an unmanageable workload... welcome to the club. I hope things get easier for you on that front over the next few days.

Your dinner sounds yummy... wow, you are quite the cook, aren't you? You're welcome to try your recipes out on us any time!

* (asterisk) said...

The old Stepford Wives picture hasn't aged well, it's true, but I don't doubt that the remake is terrible; it certainly looked bad enough in the trailers.

Tanya said...

Haven't seen either Stepfords. Would like to, though. But... well...

Gardenia said...

sounds like your company also manages like most other companies - not enough help. Vacations, sick leave have become arbitrary gifts, rather than earned benefits - and begrudgingly given, and leaving workers to works two jobs when they are given. Welcome to "corporate world!" Anyway I sure hope you get rested and your back unwinds out of its knots.

LOL! A new addition to the list of "run if your man does this!" (says he loves watching women do domestic chores!)

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