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Friday, August 17, 2007
Yep, that's me. Ready to go. I was a Busy Bee, a Brownie, and a Girl Guide. I was born ready. What am I talking about? The Fall/Autumn Reading challenge of course. Still no idea what we're doing yet but I've got my list. Wandering Coyote has suggested the creation of a group blog where we can post reviews when we wish. We still have a few weeks to decide so make sure to forward your ideas or leave a comment. And if you're interested in taking part make sure to say so!

My list for the fall is going to be a tad bit smaller as I mentioned earlier because War and Peace is so long. Here's what I've tentatively come up with for my Sept - Nov reading list. But, as always, it's not written in stone!
- War and Peace (the remaining 1186 pages...) (fiction)
- The Ruins (fiction)
Stay tuned for more updates and the format as we get closer to the start date.

OOOPS! A change already? Jinkees! I needed one more book to complete the list of 20 I had created for the summer but I wanted it to be mindless reading before I read my last book, the 200 pages of War and Peace, so I while I was out and about this morning I grabbed a copy of The Ruins and started reading it on the bus. You think that's bad? You should see me at Christmas... As such I now need a new fiction book to take me through the fall. Zombie Barbara did mention that she would be willing to lend me her copy of Blindness so that's going onto the Fall list in place of The Ruins if I can convince her to send it.


SME said...

I think I'll have to stick with my original summer list, as I haven't finished a thing on it. It's all the public library's fault...if it wasn't there tempting me every day, I'd be reading fiction for once.

"Under the Banner of Heaven" is quite good. The LeBaron family...yikes. Talk about dysfunctional.

Wandering Coyote said...

I'll get a list together shortly.

Milla said...

I read War and Peace. I loved it so much I transcribed a few paragraphs on my blog when I finished it last year. When I started it I thought 'my god, this will take me AGES' but in fact it took me about two months of reading it while on the train.
It's so beautiful! I hope you will like it.

tweetey30 said...

I want to join this time around too. Just let me know how and when. I know it starts on Sept 4th but let me know some more details if need be. Thanks tweety

SME said...

Karen, it's weird you added "Blindness" because someone loaned it to you; I added "The Cave" because someone loaned it to me.

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