Sunday, August 12, 2007
I DID NOT finish last
I DID NOT finish slightly ahead of my mother
I DID NOT finish standing upright under my own power with a smile on my face
I DID NOT finish standing upright under my own power
I DID NOT finish standing upright

I DID NOT finish


Jocelyn said...

Oh, honey, your disappointment is palpable (I didn't even need the title of your post to tell me). Remember not to get down on yourself so much--it really depends on the day. If it ends up mattering to you, in the long term, try it again.

There's a story behind your not finishing. I would love to read it. And, really, really, really, keep in mind that thousands of people have walked off of marathon courses--even top world runners like Paula Radcliffe.

You are still amazing.

kelly said...

I can understand your disappointment...but you shouldn't be. You put a lot into it and should be proud of putting yourself out there.

Alun said...

On the other hand you DID get up and tried to do something.
You DID raise money for a worthy charity.
You DID take part and now know a lot more about what it's like in a marathon than I do.

You still deserve a round of applause.

Red said...

I agree with Alun -- good on you for even trying it. Hell, I get out of breath when I walk up the stairs to my home office, so I am full of awe that you even attempted a marathon.

Maybe next year you can start training a little earlier and get a little further. Either way, don't beat yourself up about it too much.

mister anchovy said...

Yeah, but you gave it a shot....good for you.

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