Gary Busey Needs Serious Help

Monday, August 20, 2007
And I'm not just talking about his acting career... Now that they're no longer showing reruns of my darling White Rapper Show on MuchMoreMusic each Sunday afternoon, I needed a new reality show to fill the void. Thank you very much to the folks at CityTV (home of MMM). Once again, they've brought us the best in washed up, former celebrity entertainment. What is this new entertainment vehicle of which I speak? Why it's Celebrity Fitclub Season 2.

I didn't realize there was a season one (according to the website, there's been 5!!).

And apparently the word "celebrity" has a pretty broad meaning to the producers.

Does anyone care what Willie Ames is up to these days? Who remembers the TV show 227? Did anyone know the lead singer of Warrant is afraid of heights? Does the fact that you hocked Snapple a few years ago make you a celebrity? The answer to all these questions (and more) is YES YES YES. And I for one am glad those questions were asked.

Similar, somewhat, in style to just about every reality television show out there, CFC2 seems to have designed to be a celebrity version of The Biggest Loser (which I also enjoy). Two teams of former celebrities go through a series of physical challenges (ie: exercise) each week and are trying to lose more weight than the other team. This includes individual weekly weightloss goals set by the drill seargent from hell (or who's at least trying to give the impression that he's a hardass...I bet he's an actor). I'm not sure yet if anyone gets voted off (I don't think so) but apparently there's a big prize for the team who loses the most at the end of the show. And why wouldn't there be? Everyone, especially former celebrities who couldn't manage their money or careers, need to be rewarded now and then. Ouch, was that too harsh? Too bad.

Gary Busey is one of the two team captains and he scares me. I think that the crack to his skull he received because he didn't wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle a few years ago did a lot more damage than was originally thought. Or maybe it was all those years of drinking and drugs. Give him a word, any word, and he'll turn it into an anagram for something. Team. T.E.A.M. Doubt. D.O.U.B.T. I don't remember what he said each word stood for but he did it throughout the entire first episode. If we're lucky, someone will drop a dumbbell on his throat and he'll have to resort to sign language to spell out his plucky sayings.

Overall, the show itself lacks a lot of substance - surprised? Not really, it's all about the former celebrities and their struggle to get back into the spotlight. The weightloss, unlike The Biggest Loser, appears secondary. And I doubt we're going to get the healthy weightloss tips, exercise techniques, and healthy eating advice that TBL offers it's non-celebrity contestants. However, there's something about watching these has-beens and once-were's sweating, bithcing, and bitching about the fact that they're sweating that just makes me feel good that losing 10 of my own pounds never could. Check it out if you get a chance.


Sheamus the... said...

ha...oh gary. I loved him in Lethal Weapon and Point Break. But as with all crack whether they be in skulls of concrete, bad stuff gets in.

Jocelyn said...

Gary Busey is totally scary, so I really love the idea of him as team captain. Hee.

Great story of your half-marathon day, btw (sorry my blog reading has been limited lately...)

Avid Andy said...

that is a scary group. sheamus, did you notice bible man is there?

Gardenia said...

The gals look pretty good to me - it seems the reality shows are pretty much with folks who want to "get there" and folks that "have been there and want to be there again." What about the one with the kids........? I haven't researched that much - but from the sounds of it, I'm wondering "what were those producers thinking?"

SME said...

Ugh. That last photo is going to be haunting my nightmares.

I think producers' idea of "celebrity" is hilarious...Heather Mills on "Dancing with the Stars"? So, you pretend to have invented frogurt and accuse a Beatle of trying to kill you, and you can be a star? I always thought you had to have things like talent and charisma - silly me!

For train-wreck tv, I don't think anyone could top "Scott Baio is 45 and Single" or "The Two Coreys".

SME said...

P.S. Gary Busey's goofy acronyms can't be much worse than Janice Dickinson, on various reality shows, screeching "I INVENTED the word 'supermodel'!" 50 times in one hour.

Red said...

Please tell me the woman in pink is not Bette Midler. Surely she doesn't need to be on something like this?!?

Gary Busey is scary, in the same way that Nick Nolte is. And that is VERY. But I love that Elliot from Scrubs gets mistaken for him occasionally!

BeckEye said...

I went through this mess during the original airing. I really don't want to revisit it.

* (asterisk) said...

That's not Gary Busey. It's Elliot from Scrubs!

I love him! He was fab in Lost Highway and The Buddy Holly Story.

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