More Rules on Bathroom Etiquette

Friday, August 31, 2007
Yesterday, I had yet another one of those "WTF" moments at work. I headed to the Ladies' to change into my walking gear at the end of the day. As there was a big all-day meeting happening in the boardroom beside our office, I wasn't surprised to see that one of the stalls was occuppied. No worries, it wasn't like I was going to make a stink or anything.

As I headed down to the stall at the far end, I thought I heard the woman talking to herself in the stall. Perhaps, I suspected, she needed some encouragement to get things moving. Closing and locking the door on my stall, I prepared my nostrils for the violent onslaught of olfactory-offending odours which were sure to soon make their way under the walls of my stall. She continued to talk... It wasn't until she said "Hang on for a minute" and then flushed that I realized she was talking on her cell phone.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the worst breach of Potty Etiquette ever imaginable.

Now, I used to have a friend, T, who used to do this as well when I spoke with her. Damn the invention of cordless phones. While I feel this is bordering on highly offensive and inconsiderate, it's something that is forgivable coming from university-aged individuals. Especially if they've been ingesting, drinking, or smoking things they normally shouldn't be.

However, the woman in question was not some giggling school girl or an intoxicated teen. This was a professional woman quite probably talking on her work-cellphone discussing business. That is beyond heinous. Even if she's not, have some consideration for the person on the other end. Do you think they want to know what you're doing while you're talking to them? Ick Ick Ick. And how on earth do you manage to "do your business" while discussing business on a cell phone?

Folks, in the future, let any incoming calls go to your voice mail or wait until you've washed your hands before placing a call.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'd be pretty offended if I had to listening to somebody peeing on the other end of the line, but at least she wasn't grunting. Small mercies, I guess.

SME said...

Truly nasty. A friend of mine used to do this routinely and didn't tell me til he was finished, so now I ask, "You're not in the can, are you?" before every conversation. ;P

Gardenia said...

I dunno. I guess some people are raised different. Or maybe they are REALLLLY Type A's - I mean you have to admit this is really multi-tasking. LOL.

nwtrunner said...

To go with Karen's marathon/running theme too - it really bothers me to see people in a race/run talking on their frickin' cell phones too.

We just got cell phones here in the middle of nowhere, Western Arctic, Canada - don't have one yet, but if I do - I'll take an oath not to use the darned thing in the can, on a run, or when talking to friends in a bar....

Multi-tasking indeed gardenia, but I'm glad that my life/work has never gotten so crazy that I'd wanna take phone everywhere. There does have to be limits. And road races are included in that.

And ain't toilet time either thinking or reading time? Not talking! ;-)

Avid Andy said...

there are only a few select people i will talk to on the phone whilst using the facilities (and only while standing)

Sheamus the... said...

HA...this is amazing. Yeah, I dated a girl who would be talking to me on the phone and then I would here a flush in the background. Gross.

* (asterisk) said...

Nah, that's some nasty shit, man. And how.

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