The New Desperate House-Husband?

Thursday, August 23, 2007
Oh Nathan Fillion, is this what your career has come to? How could you possibly agree to move to Wisteria Lane? There are no vampires, spaceships, or missing soldiers named Ryan. I'm guessing there might be a pizza place but it'll be filled with bored housewives who mow the lawn in evening gowns and cheat on their husbands.

Yes, it's true folks. Nathan Fillion, local Edmonton boy is making the move to the big time...of a sorts. He's joining the cast of Desperate Housewives. I'm disappointed. Sure, we all now the Captain's not a fan of Firefly, Serenity, or Buffy. But I enjoy Mr. Fillion - he's talented and he's from my hometown. It'll be interesting to see how his die-hard sci-fi fans take this recent news.

For more information, you can read a recent interview with Nathan HERE where he talks about joining the anorexic cast.


Sheamus the... said...

I love him too...but I trust he will add a little spics to whatever he does. Look forward to seeing more zombies, spaceships, and missing soldiers though.

sp said...

That show is still on? I'm out of touch. I saw 5 seconds of an episode when it first aired and moved on. I didn't think it would last. I thought one of the actresses might blow away in a big gust of wind or something. They must weigh down the soles of their shoes or something.

Fillion's move seems appropriate to me. He use to be on the soap One Life to Live so I guess he's going back to his roots.

BeckEye said...

This guy seems like a nice dude, but I can't believe he was cast as the romantic good guy in "Waitress" while Jeremy Sisto was the scuzzbucket abusive husband. Whatever. I would never leave Jeremy Sisto for this guy...or anyone else for that matter. Well, except for John Travolta and Eddie Vedder.

SME said...

I think it's a good move. If Wisteria Lane is ever attacked by brainsucking Nazi droids, they're totally covered.

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