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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Had my first appointment with Marcel, the physiotherapist today. I heart Marcel. Never having been before, I wasn't sure if he was going to make me run stairs, hop on a stationary bike, or just chat. As it turns out, we chatted, he laughed at my jokes (what is it with me and making doctor-types laugh?), and then he fondled my ankles, knees and thighs. Ok, that last bit is somewhat of an exaggeration (or is it...).

He did play with my kneecaps for a few minutes, did some handheld resistance testing, and bent/stretched both legs. Turns out, thankfully, no permanent damage (whew). He did notice a slight rubbing (identified by a clicking sound) when he moved my kneecap around but nothing major. He gave me some simple exercises to do to stretch out my hamstrings - the problem area. Seems that my uber-tight hammies are pulling my kneecaps so that they sit at a slight angle rather up and down as normal caps do. Oh yeah, and the stretching I was doing during the marathon to try and loosen the muscles around the knee? Totally the wrong stretch. Turns out...hee hee, this is funny was making the problem worse. Ooops. I guess that makes it "my bad".

I've been ordered to avoid stairs and hills so I now have an excuse to take the elevator and escalators. Woo hoo! Also, no squats or lunges. I know have a week to follow Marcel's orders and do his stretches twice a day until I have to go back and see him again. Then he'll stretch out my hamstrings a bit more and give me another excercise to do as "homework". According to him, I'll be good as new in no time! Hmmm, that means I'll be able to start training for next year's marathon...

Turns out he's the same physiotherapist my mother sees. Go figure. Not really surprising though as both are doctors work in the same small building. It never occurred to me though when she talks about "Marcel" that this was the one and the same. Too funny.

Photo "knee does not compute" by lola.rola.


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