SAW (but with Bunnies!)

Thursday, August 23, 2007
Click on picture to watch the 30-second movie.

WARNING: Not suitable for all ages - parental discretion is advised.


Jocelyn said...

See? Bunnies DO make everything softer and sweeter.

Gardenia said...

oh! I couldn't watch Saw - rented it and couldn't make it through. Give me The Creature from the Black Lagoon instead.

Speaking of boobies, hope you got a super duper sports bra!

I have been putting off purchasing one - as well as a new bra.

Worthy Cause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheamus the... said...

THAT....was amazing.

Red said...

I do love these! Thanks for sharing!

SME said...

Even with bunnies, it's kinda icky.

Avid Andy said...

i actually thought of the bunnies the other day but never went to see what they were up to. they have twice as many movies...i still think one of my favorites is jaws.

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