The Shea Ultimatum

Friday, August 17, 2007
Ok, it wasn't really an ultimatum but it was the closest I could come to a movie title tie in with Shea's name. I also tried "The Shea Man Cometh" but that had sexual overtones and, frankly, I don't know him quite that well. A little while ago, he tagged me with a meme. Apparently I'm supposed to share 10 things about myself with the blog world and then tag 10 other people. Here we go:

1. I LOVE MUSTARD. Not too fond of the ketchup or even the relish which I'd take before ketchup, but if you gave me mustard and nothing else for a burger, sandwich, fries, I'd be ecstatic. Yes you read that right, I've put mustard on my fries. Mmmm. Try it. And if you're not already disgusted, between the mustard fries and the PB/Banana cups, when I was about 10 I loved eating apples with mustard on them for about a year. Yes indeed, I'm a freak.

2. I LIKE THE TASTE OF COUGH SYRUP. Robitussum. Benellyn. Mmmmm. I'm saying that a lot...mmmmm. Odd. It's true though, there's something about the taste of cough syrup that is just so yummy. However, I do have flashbacks to the childhood years when we were given the various "flavours" of Triaminic for kids which still haunts my tastebuds.

3. I HATE SOCKS. They're like handcuffs for my toes. Even in the middle of winter, unless it's hideously cold outside (or in), I avoid socks like the plague. My feet need to be free.

4. I BROKE MY NOSE. Yep. Around the same time as the mustard/apple combo. At our first baseball practice with our brand new baby blue and white uniforms (I was #12 - left field), while trying to field a grounder, I bent down, glove extended to scoop the ball as I'd been taught. Unfortunately it hit a rock or something equally hard and it launched itself at my face, landing smack in the middle of my nose. It was a clean break and led to my first experience with xrays. The doctor fixed it by grabbing the back of my head with one hand, squeezed my nose with the fingers of his other hand and pushed them together before I knew what was happening. I wonder why I don't like doctors much...

5. I WANT TO LEARN RUSSIAN. Ever since I was a kid. Probably the influence of all those cold war movies we watched during the 80s. French? No thanks, I was forced to study it for 12 years and still can barely say more than where's the loo? German? One year of university and I only choose it because some of my friends were taking it as well.

6. I ENJOY DOING LAUNDRY. Even ironing, although I never do it. I just wish I had my own washer and dryer, and didn't have to use the communal ones in the building. Then I could do laundry naked.

7. I DON'T LIKE BEING NAKED. And it has nothing to do with body image or self esteem. Especially sleeping naked. Can't do it. Just feels wrong. Give me a tshirt or camisole and a pair of undies - perfection.

8. I'VE HAD RUG BURN ON MY STOMACH. And no, I'm not going to elaborate other than to say the story is not as exciting as you think.

9. BOOKSTORES MAKE ME PEE. Even if I go potty right before heading into a bookstore, guaranteed within five minutes of being surrounded by all those books (*sigh*), I have to go again. Perhaps it's because ...

10. I LIKE TO READ IN THE BATHROOM. Ever since I can remember, everyone in our family has always had a book, comic, or magazine for your perusing pleasure in the bathroom. Yes, we all know how I feel about the communal newspaper and taking it to the work lavatory, but it's different when it's your own. I'm guessing that my parents read to us while potty training us and it's a great tactic. Your body just relaxes and stuff ...happens. Oh my, too much information, methinks. But it's true. I've noticed this phenomenon with my nephew. He loves people to read to him when he goes to the potty. He becomes involved in the story and forgets about holding back ... whatever it is he's holding back. Plus it's a few minutes of undisturbed reading/quiet time where you don't have to worry about the pressures of the world. Or maybe it's just my family. Are we that weird?

Now, who to tag? I'm not going to go with a full 10 but I will tag the Bad Tempered Zombie, SME, SP, the Coyote who Wanders, Jocelyn who's having a Mighty Crisis, and Mister Anchovy.


Sheamus the... said...

HA...great post. The Shea Man Cometh...
A lot of people call me Shaman or Sheaman. Like the mystic makers of Africa....
Rug burn on your belly makes me laugh, I hate ketchup and mayo...musterd all day. I read and even use a laptop on the T. And we should live closer since you love doing laundry.

Wandering Coyote said...

OK...give me a bit of time to wake up first!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm not keen on socks either, and don't even get me started on bras.

Looking forward to doing this tag, but I am leaving for a week, so I'll have to delay my turn.

Gardenia said...

oh dear, I am laughing my head off about bookstores - because I always get IBS in Walmart. I haven't analyzed that.

I too have always wanted to learn Russian, and then to ride a freighter boat to St. Petersburg. ?

Ditto - the confined feet - that's enough to induce a panic attack.

Do you think the broken nose was sort of an apple/mustard kharma kind of thing?

SME said...

"Mustard 'n' french fried potaters. Mmm-mmph." (that's my written "Slingblade" impression)

Red said...

I can't sleep naked either. I don't mind being naked in general (though it's not like I wander around the house in the buff), but when I sleep, I feel too vulnerable to be completely starkers. So it's panties and a T-shirt in summer and PJs in winter. I'm bringing sexy back, baby!

kelly said...

You like laundry and could do it naked but don't like being naked....such a dilema.

I have trouble sleeping with anything on...i just feel..constrained..not that i'm an exhibitionist or anything like that

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