Summer Reading Challenge - Update

Saturday, August 04, 2007
It's hard to believe how quickly this summer has flown by. Well, not really considering how short our summer is here in Alberta. Have I mentioned how much I miss the snow? Most people get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) in the winter but I seem to get it in the summer...where are my blizzards? -40C Weather? Come on Mother Nature, give me an early winter. Uh-oh, I digress as usual.

As the title suggests, this is an update on how myself and my fellow bloggers are doing with their summer reading challenge. You might remember back in early May, inspired by Krista who had just graduated from the UofA, I put the call out for anyone wishing to take part in a summer reading challenge. A number of you stepped up and began reading. Here's where they're at:

Wandering Coyote: FINISHED! I believe she's the first of the group who've finished her list. In fact she's surpassed her original goal. This summer she read Dune, Life of Pi, The Beauty Myth, The Golden Compass, and Walkers Between the Worlds. Also on her list was to complete 200 pages (out of 1300!) from Hunger's Brides. Done, done, and done. She's currently about a third of the way into Hunger's Brides and also reading Amy Tan's Saving Fish from Drowning which she's not enjoying too much, unfortunately, but sticking with it nonetheless. Way to go WC!

Bad Tempered Zombie: Not quite finished but she has a good excuse, she was distracted by the music. Seems she volunteered this year at the Calgary FolkFest and was hobnobbing with the celebrities that were there. Not to mention sharing her knowledge of all things musical. However that hasn't completely stopped her from reading. So far, in between various concerts, she's managed to finish Twelve Sharp, Unless, Blindness (which she's offered to share), and Trainspotting. Currently, she's trying to weave her way through the magic of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Excellent job Barbara!

Krista, the Oilers Fan and possible future doctor: Krista set the highest goal of anyone, with approximately 30 books that she was going to try and get through this summer. She doesn't blog often (although this will hopefully change once hockey season begins again) so I don't have a current update, but as of May 27th she had finished two Harry Potters (Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets - she was going to reread the entire series this summer) as well as Darwin's On Natural Selection. Krista too has been a bit busy this summer as she was studying for the MCAT and took her test a few weeks ago.

SME: Oh she of the Blueapples... Also not sure where she's at on her list as she and her family have been taking a long road trip this summer across Canada and parts of the US. However, she set herself an interesting list for this summer and hopefully we'll get y'all an update soon.

Beth: Despite being a Carolina fan, Beth is good people. Seems when Beth set her list for the summer, she went with a theme. I wonder what it could be...Hockey, perhaps? Shock and surprise, that's right! She's listed The Game and a very non-hockey book, Faust.

Shea: I'm not sure Shea, Fox-intern Extraordinaire, actually signed up for the challenge although he did mention that he was going to try and work his way through some Jules Verne this summer. He recently posted a review of the movie version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but that doesn't really count. However, since he posts some of the best reviews out there and has introduced me to some fabulous films, I guess we can forgive him. The fact that he works for...*gasp*...Fox? Not so much ;-)

I believe that's it. You can see by my sidebar how my summer's been going. With exactly one month to go before the end of the challenge, I've got four more books (three and a partial) to finish. Not sure if I'll make it but I'm certainly not giving up. Nor am I going to rush, books are meant to be enjoyed, remember? Wandering Coyote suggested recently that we should have a Fall Reading Challenge. I think that's a good idea but I'd like to put a little spin on it. I'll give it some thought and let everyone know what I come up with later this month...

(Top photo "A Passion for Books" from Amelia PS)


tweetey30 said...

How many books do you have to read or do you set a book set that you think you can read over a certain amount of time?? I know I just read two books plus reading one now and another on in the mail from Courtney on my blog list of friends. I love reading and I always find time while my girls are playing outside or sleeping. Let me know if you are going to do a fall list and I will see what I can do about participating.

SME said...

Oh, I'm woefully behind as always. I love fiction, but can't stay away from the nonfiction long enough to make any progress...

Amen to the wish for an early winter. Bring on the snow! The cold! The hot chocolate!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I cannot believe how you zip through those books! I don't even want to think about how many you read in the winter.

Deathly Hallows is really good so far - so many deaths already!

Wandering Coyote said...

I cannot wait for fall! It's my favourite season. I surprised myself by completing my goal...Like I said, maybe we should do a fall one, too.

mister anchovy said...

Although I read a lot, I'm not good at challenges...If I pledged to read a certain number of books, it would never happen.

Krista said...

I fear my list will end up only-just-half or less-than-half completed. I have indeed finished the Potter series (if you want to know more about Deathly Hallows, let me know. I have A LOT to say about it), and have completed three of the five parts in the Hitchhiker's series. Currently I am tackling Stone's GARGANTUAN Passions of the Mind. The sidebar on my blog is tracking my abysmal progress.

Beth said...

I'm just impressed that you're an Oilers fan AND you can read.


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