Uggggh. It's one of THOSE days...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Woke up this morning feeling crappy. Nothing specific (no migraine, no pain, no pukey feeling), just ... crappy. You know what I mean? I'm guessing it's tied to the end of the cold I caught after the marathon but who's to say. So, I've called in sick and spending most of the day in bed. If I'm feeling better by lunchtime, I'll head into the office but for no, it's curling up under a duvet with the remote control, a cup of tea, and the cats snoring softly.

In other news, with only 6 days left till the end of the summer reading challenge and the start of the fall challenge, I'm already 100 pages into War and Peace. I'll definately finish my summer list and hopefully be at least 100 pages past my cut off by September 4th. Woo hoo. Don't know why I wasn't able to read it before - last time I tried, I think I managed 20 pages and quit. Sure, there are a lot of characters and depending on who's speaking and their relationship to the person they're speaking to/about, the names change. However, I'm catching on quickly and it's really sucking me in!

Speaking of books, I received a package from Candy and Stagg yesterday. Inside was a copy of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. Can you say "Excited"? That's what I am. The story seems quite interesting and I've promised to tack it onto the end of my fall reading list if I have time. If not, it's number one on my list for winter.

I've got plans in the works for a short trip in the spring. Nothing international yet but that's okay. I'm hoping to take mom away to Jasper National Park for about a week, to do some hiking, horseback riding, a tram ride, etc. I was wondering, for those of you who've been there, what are your favourite things to do in Jasper? I've been drinking at the Atha-B, stolen a mug from the A&W, hiked Mount Edith Cavel (but not the meadows - always seems to be the wrong time of year for the flowers), visited Athabasca Falls and the Columbia Ice Field, and driven (repeatedly with a crazy Italian at the wheel) along the Celestine Road (beautiful beyond description but I don't recommend risking it). Any particular half day hikes that you want to recommend? Out of the way museums that aren't crowded with the usual tourists? I had considered white water rafting but as it's May, it's going to be VERY cold and it's not going to fit into what we already have planned.


Avid Andy said...

cats snoring softly? i've never heard of this. i must find one immediately. are they fat?

Jocelyn said...

Eww, I've wanted to get to Jasper...can't wait to read about whatever it is you end up doing there!

Hope you're feeling better, gel.

mister anchovy said...

I think Blood Meridian is a fantastic book. I've read it a few times now, and even read it aloud to my father a few years ago when he was in a nursing home (challenging books seemed to help him, and he enjoyed our reading sessions tremendously). It is an epic and the kind of book that is difficult for an author to recover from because it has such tremendous scope. As difficult as it might be to follow up a book like that, Mr. McCarthy seems to be having no trouble. The Road is on my reading list for the fall.

mister anchovy said...

I love the drive up Mount Edith Cavel!

Karen said...

Andy, no the cats are not fat. Well, one of them is slightly chubby but not what I'd consider "fat". BUt they do snore on occasion.

Jocelyn, you definately have to make it Jasper one of these days (perhaps your next road trip vacation?). I haven't travelled much but I have a hard time believing there are many places on earth more beautiful than Jasper.

MR. A, I'm looking forward to reading Blood Meridian and if it turns out to be as great as everyone's been telling me, I'll definately get myself a copy of THe Road as well. And you LIKE the drive up Mt Edith Cavell? Are you insane? I guess I'd feel more at ease with it if there were railings to prevent me from tumbling down into the valley below... THe view from the top and the trip to Angel Glacier is definately worth it though.

BeckEye said...

I hate that crappy feeling that you can't quite put your finger on. But it beats dry heaves, for sure.

Gardenia said...

Don't ya hate those crappy mornings with no obvious explanation? Sometimes getting out of bed, showering and spiffing up pulls me out. Sometimes I linger there with the TV.

I am going to have to go to Barnes and Noble and have a kickback afternoon looking at books, and buy Blood Meridian!

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