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Thursday, August 16, 2007
I have not felt much like blogging lately. Nor responding to the many emails and comments you’ve all been kind enough to send. It’s been a bit of a low week for me. Never fear, I am no longer feeling low about the race on Sunday. However, the fact that it is now over and no more planning is necessary for anything until Thanksgiving in October, my body and mind have decided to take a break. I aggravated my knee today walking back down a small hill from a work sponsored lunch barbeque. Thank goodness I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning (although it’s not with my regular family doc who’s out of town). On top of that, after my emotional and physical break down on Sunday, my immune system decided to take a leave of absence and I’ve caught the much dreaded “summer cold”. Aggravated even more so that I’m still not back into a regular sleeping pattern. My capacity to function mentally has also taken a backseat to relaxing in a comfy chair with a cat on my lap and staring mindlessly at CSI reruns.

My effort at completing the summer reading challenge has also been laid aside recently. However, I’m hoping to complete book #18 (the one on Magellan – see sidebar) this week and get a jump on Tribes of Britain. With luck, I’ll put a at least a small dent in it by Monday. I was getting worried about my timeline – essentially there are 2 ½ weeks left in the challenge. However, as that includes, in Canada anyways, one holiday day (Labour day – final day of the challenge), I should be able to at least start on War and Peace before time runs out. As for the Fall/Autumn reading challenge suggested by Wandering Coyote? I honestly haven’t had a lot of time to think about it but will post a few ideas in the next post later today. Stay tuned.

A caller to Wild Rose Country today on CBC Radio brought up the issue of lead paint in toys coming from China and wondered if it wasn’t all a scare tactic. As your Captain is a lover of conspiracy theories, I jumped on this right away. What an interesting thought, and one I hadn’t even thought of (possibly due to the reduced mental capacity – see above). The caller indicated that he had grown up in England during the war (for you younger generations he’s referring to World War II, not the first Gulf War). When he was a child, all his toys had lead paint, some were made of lead, the houses had lead pipes, etc. and he and his peers were all fine. His comments got me to wondering. Could this really be the government at work? We all know that China is on the rise, they’re going to get a HUGE injection of capital as a result of the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games, and aside from Iraq, they’re the country that the US is likely most worried about becoming a major player on the world stage… What better way to bring them to their knees and show the US the respect they so richly deserve (cough cough) than by crippling them financially through the reduction in Chinese imports in the US (and, as a result, Canada, and some European nations)? Talk amongst yourselves.

Just as a further note to the China story, kids swallow things all the time. Sure there’s probably a greater risk with these Polly Pocket toys than with most as their so small. Heck, when I was about 6ish, I swallowed a penny. And whatever kind of crap that was sticking to the surface of the coin as a result of it passing through so many hands. Gives new meaning to the expression “Put your money where your mouth is”. We grew up with Mechano sets, wood working sets with soldering guns, Lite Brites with their tiny pegs, etc. Regardless of the toy, where it’s made or what it’s made with, kids are going to eat it. Lead is probably not the best thing to make toys/paint out of but look at most of the food we put in our mouths these days. How is that any better?

Passport Canada is FINALLY getting around to processing my application! Woo hoo! Not like I’m going anywhere but I’d really like my drivers license back… They charged my credit card yesterday and when I called them to check on the status they said they had opened it and it should be processed in…wait for it…four weeks. It took them two and ½ months just to open the envelope, now I have to wait another month for them to process it and THEN wait for it to be mailed back to me. As I told a coworker this morning, I should get my license back by Christmas.

That’s all for now. My nose is almost completely stuffed up and have to breathe through my mouth which always runs the risk of resulting in drool. Now is the time on “Swiftsure” when we dance. Dieter…cue the music. Would YOU like to touch my monkey?


Wandering Coyote said...

Not sure about the China thing. As was pointed out on CBC today, this is such a small fraction of the shit that actually is produced in China. And while that caller might have had lead whatevers when he was a kid, there probably weren't any studies back then relating to the effects of lead, whereas there are nowadays. I don't know...

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